Eva Mae King (1878-1950): Going Home to Family

This vintage photo of Eva Mae King is my latest rescued find that is going home to a descendant. One of Eva’s grandchildren died a few years ago. As she had no children, I suspect an estate buyer might have come across this photo.

However, there are descendants through another grandchild, so her photo will have family members to cherish and care for it.

Eva Mae King was born 18 February 1878, probably in Lewiston, Androscoggin, Maine, the third of five children born to Charles Henry King, a machinist, and Abby Eustis Taylor.

Eva married Millard Parker Miles on 1 July 1898 in Lewiston, not long after Eva’s 20th birthday.

In 1900, Millard and Eva lived with her parents, but by 1910, had settled in Auburn, Androscoggin, Maine and had two daughters. Millard worked first as a “shoe operative,” but later became a shipping clerk with L.C. Creamery, where he worked until retirement.


  1. Florence Parker, born 24 August 1901; died 23 August 1960, Aubrn, Androscoggin, Maine; married John W. Trethewey, 15 August 1928, Androscoggin County, Maine
  2. Alberta King, born 15 October 1903; died May 1987, Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire; married Linwood E. Taylor, 20 January 1928, Maine

Linwood and Alberta were the parents of five children, one of whom might still be living. Sadly, three of their children – Carlton, Thurley and Susan – all died in childhood. A fourth recently passed away.

John and Florence became the parents of twin girls, Gloria Bradford Trethewey and Marilyn Parker Trethewey. Both married, although Marilyn had no children.

This photo of Eva is going home to a great grandchild. 🙂


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