Andrew Herman (Bud) Sturgell & Jessie Nixon, Oklahoma Settlers

Bud, born Andrew Herman Sturgell was the youngest of the eleven children born to Abijah Houston and Martha Susanna (Alberty) Sturgell and was only six years old when his father died.

Andrew Herman Sturgell was born on 6 October 1898 in Barry County, Missouri. his young life was rather different from that of his elder siblings because of his father’s death.

His mother, Martha, married only five months after Abijah died from the effects of being burned in a barn fire. Benjamin Wagnon, his stepfather, and Martha weren’t married long and parted ways after a few years.

Some of Martha’s children were starting to make the move to the new state of Oklahoma in the early 1900s. Martha and Bud made a trip there to visit John Houston Sturgell and see his newly built home about 1910.

While Martha returned to Barry County, Missouri and died there on 10 July 1916, Bud, like many of his siblings, also chose Oklahoma as his long term home.

Andrew Herman Sturgell married Jessie Lee Ellen Nixon on 22 October 1921 in Grady County, Oklahoma. Bud began married life as a farmer, at times owning his own land and renting at other times.

Jessie & Bud

Bud is the only Sturgell aunt or uncle of my mother-in-law’s whom I knew, at least through a few letters that we wrote back and forth.

Bud died on 27 January 1989 in Blanchard. Jessie predeceased him in 1985.

Bud and Jessie were parents of eight children, one of whom is still living and won’t be included in this family sketch. All children were born in Blanchard, McClain, Oklahoma.


  1. Nora Nadene, born 18 November 1922; died 11 June 2012, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma; married J. Berkeley Johnson, 4 April 1946, McClain County, Oklahoma
  2. Elaine, born c1925; died before 2022; married Leo Burney Melott, c1950
  3. Helen, born 8 September 1926; died 16 June 1991, Oklahoma; married Evin Willie Garrison, 25 May 1946, Cleveland County, Oklahoma
  4. Herman Leroy, born 21 August 1931; died 18 January 2021, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma; married Unknown (MNU)
  5. Andrew Kenneth, born 21 May 1934; died 2 July 1935, Blanchard, McClain, Oklahoma
  6. Billie Ruth, born 11 September 1935; died 4 July 1937, Blanchard, McClain, Oklahoma
  7. Vera June, born 8 November 1940; died 1 November 2022, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma; married Living
  8. Living Child

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