Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Where Did Your Ancestors Live in 1900?

March is rolling along and spring has arrived, although it has been a bit rainy for Tucson. Since the weekend is here, too, it’s time for another SNGF challenge with Randy Seaver on Genea-Musings:

1)   Where did your ancestors live or reside in the year 1900?  List them by generation.  Show their birth and death years, and the place they were living.

It seems to me that we’ve already had this challenge, but that’s okay.

Here are my living ancestors in 1900:


George Kucharik (1893-1936): Passaic, New Jersey
Julia Scerbak (1893-1985): Ujak, Slovakia
Vernon Tarbox Adams (1899-1968): Calais, Maine
My maternal grandmother wasn’t yet born.

Great Grandparents:

Stephen Kucharik (1855-1933): Passaic, New Jersey
Maria Kacsenyak (1859-1926): Passaic, New Jersey
Michael Scerbak (1868-1932): Ujak, Slovakia
Anna Murcko (1872-1967): Ujak, Slovakia
Charles Edwin Adams (1877-1922: Calais, Maine
Annie Maude Stuart (1874-1940): Calais, Maine
Hartwell Thomas Coleman (1868-938): Calais, Maine
Anna Elisabeth Jensen (1872-1916): Calais, Maine

2X Great Grandparents:

Michael Kacsenyak (1834-after 1899): Ruska Nova Ves, Slovakia
Anna Haluska (1832-after 1899): Ruska Nova Ves, Slovakia
John Scerbak (1836-1916): Ujak, Slovakia
Maria Patorai (1839-1912): Ujak, Slovakia
John Murcko (1831-1917): Hajtovka, Slovakia
Maria Szova (1845-1925): Hajtovka, Slovakia
Calvin Segee Adams (1843-1921): Calais, Maine
Nellie F. Tarbox (1856-1927): Calais, Maine
Elida Ann Hicks (1833-1914): Calais, Maine
William Coleman (1834-1905): Calais, Maine
Sarah Moriah Crouse (183-1930): Calais, Maine
Frits Wille Oscar Emil Jensen (1845-1920) Calais, Maine

3X Great Grandparents:

Sarah Ann Parker (1817-7 Feb 1900): Calais, Maine

I had 20 ancestors living in 1900 with a dozen living in Passaic, New Jersey or Calais, Maine and the other 8 living in three small villages in the Carpatho-Rusyn area of today’s eastern Slovakia – Ujak, Hajtovka and Ruska Nova Ves.

Thank you, Randy, for this week’s challenge.

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