Saturday Night Genealogy Fun on Monday: What Have You Done at RootsTech 2024?

I am very late with my SNGF post because of RootsTech 2024 updates, but here it is.

This week’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge from Randy Seaver ties right in to the RootsTech 2024 conference that closed on Saturday.

1)   What have you done at RootsTech 2024 so far (we’re in the third day), either in-person or online?  What has been the highlights for you so far?

I have to admit that this year’s RootsTech 2024 conference has been the most quiet of all my years of participation.

Now that we are in the post-pandemic era, the conference, although hybrid, was geared much more towards in-person attendance. Since I was #Not at RootsTech, my participation only happened virtually.

My first stop was the Expo Hall, which I learned by chance opened virtually on Wednesday. While there were more vendors in the virtual hall than I remember from last year, they seemed to fall into a handful of categories – storytelling companies, professional researchers and miscellaneous. However, there were some great deals offered by the vendors.

I did write three blog posts – RootsTech 2024 – Opening Day Fun!, RootsTech 2024 – Day 2, and Winding Down Live RootsTech 2024 with More to Come On Demand!

I watched a number of sessions:

Innovation and Tech Forum 2024
Metropolitan Ancestors: Finding Families in Georgian and Victorian London
FamilySearch Tech Forum
Home Children – The Children Sent to Canada from the Home for Destitute Children in Liverpool
AI & Genealogy: Trouble Ahead?
Tracing Your Marginalised Ancestors in Britain
Beyond Parish Registers: Tracing Your Anglican Ancestors in England
Brick Walls! Real? or Created Through Faulty Research?
Unexpected Treasures: Family History in the American State Papers

There are a few more sessions I’ll watch on demand. However, it was a disappointment finding so few intermediate/advanced sessions accessible online.

The presenters I did watch were excellent, but I really wanted to view more advanced presentations.

Thanks, Randy, for this week’s challenge. RootsTech 2024 is now history.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun on Monday: What Have You Done at RootsTech 2024?”

  1. You really focused on British records. I was very jealous of the people posting their fun at RootsTech on Facebook.

  2. I didn’t get to participate at all…we were super busy at work last week and I was too exhausted in the evenings to try. Then on Saturday there were tech issues, so no RT for me this year… I did download a lot of syllabi and will watch some of the sessions later.

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