2024 Stufflebean Family Tree History Mysteries: Still Searching!

A couple of days ago, I shared my current Sabo family tree brick walls, which turned out to focus on nine Loyalist/pre-Loyalist ancestors plus one ancestor from Genarp, Sweden.

The Stufflebean family tree is distinctly different from mine, with mostly German and Scots-Irish or English roots. However, the mystery brick wall ancestors also appear beginning in the 3X great grandparent generation.

  1. Lewis Peavler (c1805-c1881, Sullivan County, Missouri) was reportedly born in Tennessee and might or might not be the son of Lewis Peavler Sr. and Catherine (MNU). Were they his parents and does anyone have any kind of documentation? Lewis Jr. married Catherine Head, c1828. they had nine children.
  2. Samuel W. Scott (1 January 1797, Washington County, Kentucky- about August 1835, Howard County, Missouri) to the unmarried Alley Scott, who died before 1 January 1812. Samuel married Sarah Thompson, 26 February 1821, Howard County, Missouri. Who was his father and/or Scott grandparents?
  3. Sophia King (c1787-before 1839), wife of William Sturgill, born Virginia and settled in Lawrence County, Ohio in the 1830s. Family lore states that William’s first wife and mother of his children, was Sophia King, but no primary records have been found. Was his wife really Sophia King and was her father possibly Edward King?
  4. Rebecca (MNU) (c1782-after 1860, Washington County, Arkansas) was the wife of John Henry Alberty from Surry County, North Carolina. Who were her parents? I’ve disproved John Wright and haven’t been able to confirm or deny a Bryan, per online family trees. Does anyone have any real documentation?
  5. Unknown (MNU) (c1815-before 1843), wife of Henry Nation (c1814-after 1860). This family lived in Overton County, Tennessee when their son, Joseph Michael Nation, was born in 1836. They had at least two other sons and one daughter, whose names are unproved. Henry married (2) Unknown (MNU) and had children Thomas and Nancy born c1844 and 1849 (3) Mary Riddle, who gave birth to Isaac Suel, Zerilda and Sarah Emeline between 1853-1860. Henry’s first unknown wife is my husband’s ancestor.
  6. Mary Jane Adams (c1850, Tennessee-1932, Granite, Greer, Oklahoma) was the wife of Abraham Dulworth. Who were her parents? Her family structure was odd, to say the least. Were Daniel and jenny Adams her parents or am I off course here?
  7. Hepsabeth Davidson (1811, Virginia – after 1870, probably Lafayette County, Arkansas) married William Alexander Williams on 9 October 1828, probably in Marion County, Tennessee. There are other Davidson families both in Roane County, where they first lived, and in Marion County. It seems likely that Hepsabeth might have been the daughter of one William Davidson, but online trees conflate him, with no proof, into the family of William Lee Davidson, The Revolutionary War general who died at the Battle of Cowpens in 1781. Has anyone documented the Davidsons in Roane/Morgan and Marion Counties, Tennessee who could shed some light on Hepsabeth’s origins?
  8. Is Lucy Christian (c1755-after 1796) the wife of John Bandy of Botetourt County, Virginia. Pretty much all of the online trees name her as his wife, but I haven’t been able to prove that she was a Christian. Does anyone have primary records that support the idea that she was indeed Lucy Christian?
  9. Catherine Johnson (c1803, Tennessee-after 1880) was the wife of isaac Riddle, who settled in Cumberland County, Kentucky before moving across the state line to Fentress County, Tennessee. Catherine’s maiden name is stated on the death certificate of one of her children. Family lore says her father is Moses Johnson. Does anyone have further information?
  10. Mary (MNU) Broadway (c1770, South Carolina – after February 1853) married John Dulworth on 2 December 1803, Knox County, Tennessee. She was a young widow with two daughters, Peggy and Louvina. Mary divorced John Dulworth and married Revolutionary War soldier Solomon Prewitt, 4 November 1840, but had no more children. Who was Mr. Broadway and what is Mary’s maiden name?

As I stated, this list looks very different from my own family tree list, with eight of the entries seeking information about unknown wives or wives about whom very little is known. The ninth entry, Lewis Peavler, is lacking proof of his parents and the tenth entry, Samuel W. Scott, has an unknown father and unmarried mother. DNA matches might someday unlock that mystery.

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