Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: How Did Your Ancestors Meet Their Spouses?

It’s the last weekend of February 2024 and Randy Seaver has an interesting challenge for us today on Saturday Night Genealogy Fun:

1)  How did your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and other greats meet each other?  Do you know any details?

I don’t have many details about how any of my ancestors met, but I can determine how most of them met because of the small towns in which they lived and their quite closed ethnic communities.

  1. My parents, George Michael Sabo and Doris Priscilla Adams, met after World War II ended. My mother was back living in Ridgewood, Bergen, New Jersey (with a room in the basement according to my Aunt Carole). Both parents were taking classes at Rutgers University for the 1945-1946 school year and that is where they met. I have no idea if they had any classes together or if they met casually on campus through friends. I do know that neither graduated from Rutgers.
  2. My paternal grandparents, George Kucharik aka Sabo and Julia Scerbak, were both living in Passaic, New Jersey. Both lived in the downtown area near St. Michael’s Greek Catholic Church; both were Greek Catholic. Although their home villages in Slovakia were more than 40 apart, and the Kuchariks originally settled in Delano, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania, by 1900, they had permanently settled in Passaic. If my grandparents didn’t meet at a church function, they would have met in a Rusyn social setting – a party or wedding.
  3. My maternal grandparents, Vernon Tarbox Adams and Hazel Ethel Coleman, were both from Calais, Washington, Maine. If they didn’t meet in childhood, they would have met when they went to Calais Academy, which today is Calais High School.
  4. My paternal great grandparents, Stephen Kucharik and Maria Kacsenyak and Michael Scerbak and Anna Murcko lived in small Rusyn villages. Their families would have known each other for many years.
  5. My maternal great grandparents are Charles Edwin Adams and Annie Maude Stuart and Hartwell Thomas Coleman and Anna Elisabeth Jensen all lived in Calais, Washington, Maine. I don’t know for sure how they met. Annie Stuart was born in nearby Meddybemps and Anna Jensen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s likely they all met in Calais as adults, perhaps at a social gathering, while shopping or at church.

That’s it for this week’s challenge. Thank you, Randy, for hosting Saturday Night Genealogy Fun!

3 thoughts on “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: How Did Your Ancestors Meet Their Spouses?”

  1. It is through close residence, friends, or similar cultures or religions that people tend to meet. All your examples show that. It’s a shame your parents didn’t finish at Rutgers.

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