Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Valentine’s Day Fun! Create Some Conversation Hearts

Randy Seaver shared a “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge early this week“, in honor of Valentine’s Day and I decided to keep it for my actual SNGF post this week:

Thomas MacEntee posted this on Facebook, yesterday – “Remember Conversation Hearts? I’ve created a few of my own #genealogy conversation hearts using”

Create your own and post them on your blog or on Facebook.  Leave a comment and a link on this post so everyone can see them.

Randy commented that he loves fun things like this. I’m not very creative, but I created a handful. The last one is the best!

Why is the last heart my best one? Because i actually love the Sweethearts brand of conversation hearts. It’s my guilty pleasure. I check the store for them at the beginning of the month and buy a few of those little boxes.

I think they are more popular than their competitor’s version because there are lots still available of that other brand, but my favorites are gone from one local store and almost gone in the grocery store. They originally had two huge display boxes of them!

Thanks, Randy, for this week’s challenge.

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