Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Your Best Genealogy Achievements in 2023

It’s Super Bowl weekend, but I have to admit that I’m not a fan. I have learned something important about Super Bowl Sunday, though. If I need something at the market and go after the game has started, I pretty much have the entire grocery store to myself!

Aside from the Super Bowl, it is time for Randy Seaver’s weekly challenge on Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.

This week’s topic is a good one:

1)  What were your best genealogy achievements in 2023?  Tell us – show us a document, or tell us a story, or display a photograph.  Brag a bit!  You’ve earned it!

My genealogical activities have been pretty much scattered in many directions for the last year or so.

However, I am pleased with several successes in 2023.

  1. The best $5 I ever spent was when I signed up for ArkivDigital’s sale for one month of access in December. I have been looking for the burial record of my 5X great grandfather, Anders Molin. He was born in Ystad, Sweden on 17 March 1739 and was last found in records 200 miles away in Marstrand, Sweden. He and his wife, Sara Brita Krook, had separated about 1783. When she died in 1812, she was called a widow, but no probate record had been found in any Swedish district. Thanks to ArkivDigital’s fabulous indexing projects, Anders has been found! He died on 6 April 1797 in Lidkoping, Skaraborg County, Sweden, a place where I’d have no reason to look. It also seems that the probate records for that district are missing for some of the 1790s, which is why he wasn’t located in a manual search! I, and several Swedish cousins, have been looking for Anders’ death date for years!
  2. I was very pleased with myself for my clean up efforts in RootsMagic 7, at least until April 2023. From that month until the end of the year, I was sidetracked as I taught a multi-session beginner genealogy class, taught my usual Anquestors class each month and pursued a few collateral branches of the family tree to learn more about those people.
  3. One of my husband’s cousins and I finally figured out how two close DNA matches fit into a collateral line of his tree. The mother gave a couple of children up for adoption.
  4. A genealogy-related activity is this blog. I’m very pleased to report that I’ve continued to post at least one new article each day and Empty Branches celebrated its 10th blogiversary last month. Not only does this blog allow me to share ancestral stories and resources, it also allows distant cousins to find me. It also encourages me to look at neglected branches in the family tree when I am looking for blog post subjects.

I think these are my best achievements in 2023.

Thank you, Randy, as always, for a fun topic.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Your Best Genealogy Achievements in 2023”

  1. My Genimate, Carmel in Queensland, alerted me to your lovely world Anquestors.

    Please may I pop in the Geneadictionary:

    Would this suffice as a definition? Anquestors : the name of a group of genealogy enthusiasts formed in 2002 and led by Linda Stufflebean.
    Linda teaches “my genea-friends about new resources and techniques for adding leaves and branches to the family tree.”

    This group is still meeting regularly in 2024.

  2. Your constantly up-to-date blog is a huge achievement…and I hear you on getting side-tracked from database clean-up. Very cool that you met with success at ArkivDigital! Foreign online repositories can be real treasure chests!

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