Happy Valentine’s Day 1945

My father adored his mom, my Nana. It had been just the two of them since my grandfather, George, had died of TB in 1936. This card dates from about 1945. I still have the original card. The color has faded a lot. Originally, it was a vibrant blue. This was an expensive card for the time, too, as it measures 7 1/2 by 9 1/2 inches. That is real lace around the heart and the shiny pieces on the valentine are real sparkles and the decoration around the edge of the card is embossed. It was truly a gorgeous card 80 years ago.

The saying inside is quite sentimental and heartfelt, too.

The card was published by the Volland Company, out of Joliet, Illinois. The business was shut down in 1959 after it was bought out by a competitor.

This card is very typical of the Valentine, birthday and Christmas cards that Dad gave to Nana. He always chose elaborate, beautiful cards. I also have distinct memories of the boxes of chocolates that went with her cards. They were huge boxes, decorated to the hilt and, even with possibly mis-remembering, I’d say there had to be at least 3 lbs. of candy per box, if not more. Nana didn’t have much of a sweet tooth, so it took months for the box to be emptied even though she shared it with others.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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