Documenting the Thorntons of Rhode Island, 1600s-1700s, Part 9 – Daughters of Benjamin Thornton Sr.

David Thornton, in his 1772 will, named all of his siblings, both living and dead. He named two sisters, but not a lot is known about them.

Sarah Thornton was born, say about 1708, probably in Providence, Providence, Rhode Island. There is a marriage record for Sarah to Stephen Paine, found in the DAR Patriot Index, on 15 July 1739 in Providence County, Rhode Island and likely in Glocester.

However, Sarah Paine is called deceased in her brother’s will, so we know that she died between her 1739 marriage and 1772.

Stephen Paine was born 17 August 1716 i n Providence, Rhode Island and died on 29 December 1797 in Glocester, Providence, Rhode Island. Benjamin Thornton called him “brother” (brother-in-law) in his 1761 will so Sarah was probably living at that time.

Nathan Paine, born c1739, is also in the DAR Patriot Index, and would be a son of Stephen and Sarah.

However, Stephen married (2) Jemima Martin, by 1776, as their son Jonathan, born c1776, died in Blackstone, Worcester, Massachusetts on 14 November 1856, aged 80 years. His death certificate names his parents.

More work needs to be done to determine whether Stephen and Sarah (Thornton) Paine had additional children.

Mary Thornton was born, say about 1712 and died after her brother’s 1772 will. Mary married Jonathan Vallett on 25 January 1738/39 in Providence County, Rhode Island (again probably in Glocester).

More research needs to be done to determine the names of their children, although one son, David, born 1739, is attributed to them on the FamilySearch family tree.

It appears that Jonathan Vallett died in 1744, but he and Mary may be the parents of David Vallette, born c1739, who is in the DAR Patriot Index.

This completes the documented information for the family of Benjamin Thornton Sr. and his unknown wife.

The next few posts will examine records that will help piece together the families of Benjamin Sr.’s siblings, all the children of John Thornton and his wife, Sarah, of Newport and Providence, Rhode Island.

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