Black History Month: More Research Resources

Through the years, I’ve posted a number of suggestions for African-American genealogical research during Black History Month.

Here are links to some of my past posts:

Black History Month GeneaGem: DAR Patriots of Color Database
Black History Month: More DAR Library Online Resources
Black History Month GeneaGem: Last Seen – Finding Family After Slavery
Black History Month GeneaGem:
Black History Month GeneaGem: Freedom on the Move
Black History Month GeneaGem: Library Company of Pennsylvania
Black History Month 2021: Resources for Tracing an Enslaved Ancestor
Enslaved Ancestors’ Certificates of Freedom – An Unusual Place to Find Them
New GeneaGem: Digital Library on American Slavery
African-American Genealogy Resources

The great thing about the passage of time, in terms of online resources, is that more and more websites are adding to their digital collections.

Here are some newer websites that I’ve come across:

University of Washington’s Civil Rights and Labor History Consortium

Smithsonian Online Virtual Archives (SOVA) -Freedmen’s Bureau Collection

Slave Voyages

Mapping the Freedmen’s Bureau by Angela Walton-Raji and Toni Carrier with an interactive map

In Motion: The African American Migration Experiences

This list offers many resources to help researchers trace their African-American heritage.

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