Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Your Genealogy Goals for 2024

This weekend, Randy Seaver has a very timely challenge for us on Saturday Night Genealogy Fun:

1)  What are your genealogy goals for 2024?  Consider genealogy research, education, organizing, service, writing, and whatever else you care to share.

For 2024, I chose only two formal genealogy goals, both of which will keep me very busy and wrote about these on 27 December 2023 – to continue to clean up my genealogy software data and to continue to research individual ancestors/families in my 12 for ’24.

In previous years, I had 4 or 5 goals, which included continuing my genealogy education, giving back to the community by helping others and to rescue old photos and mementos and gift them to descendants today. I omitted those as formal goals because they have pretty much become ingrained habits.

However, I am adding one more goal. In December I learned of the Historical Photos of Udol Facebook group. Udol is a small village in Slovakia, about 600 people, and it is the ancestral home of my paternal grandmother’s family. Although my grandmother was born in the United States, her family returned to Ujak, as it was then named, when she was about four years old and she lived in the village until she was 17. At that point, she returned to America to live.

My goal won’t take all year, but will take a couple of months as I plan to share all of the old photos I have of my grandmother, her cousins and friends, who were almost all from Ujak or the even tinier village a mile away of Hatovka (about 100 people).

In the group, I have made contact with several cousins who live in Slovakia. You see, my grandmother and her oldest brother and sister all emigrated to the U.S., but her two younger brothers remained in Europe. My generation and those before me didn’t speak English and I don’t speak Slovak. The younger generation there does speak English and Google Translate is also available to help everyone read all the group posts. I’ve even learned the names of several unidentified people in my photos.

Those are my 2024 goals and, by the way, I’m doing well sticking to my software cleanup and have put in a number of hours on the project already. I’m making good progress!

Thank you, Randy, for this week’s challenge.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Your Genealogy Goals for 2024”

  1. Oh what fun to have this new connection in Slovakia! What a wonderful service to share your photos with them and in return you get some identifying of unknowns!

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