RootsTech 2024: Be Prepared!

RootsTech 2024 is only a short month away and it’s possible to prepare now for your virtual online experience. I’ve attended RootsTech in person in past years, but have opted not to make the trip to Salt Lake this year.

Because I will be a virtual attendee and I haven’t been to Salt Lake since 2019, my conference posts this year will focus entirely on the at-home experience.

What are the differences between virtual and in-person attendance ?

  1. The virtual experience from home is free.
  2. Some sessions being presented live in Salt Lake are not available to those watching at home.
  3. Keynote Speakers Lynn M. Jackson, Henry Cho and Nancy Borowick can be viewed from home.
  4. There is a virtual Expo Hall available, but not all vendors attending in person will host a virtual booth.
  5. There are three full days of 2024 on-demand sessions for those at home in addition to many sessions still available online presented at past RootsTech conferences.

From this week’s FamilySearch press release:

For those opting for the free online experience, RootsTech 2024 offers hundreds of free, on-demand and live webinar sessions. You can craft your personalized viewing schedule or on-demand watch list by following a few simple steps on the RootsTech home page, providing a seamless and convenient way to engage with the event from virtually anywhere. Register for free now and begin creating your 2024 watchlist. 

Registering to attend online is not only now open, but it’s easy to do AND you can scroll through the virtual session schedule to choose sessions you would like to attend.

There are two options for viewing. One is “My Schedule” which has a tab to view all the sessions.

On the schedule page, you can customize your search by day and by online , in-person or full schedule. The class description also tells how the class can be viewed and whether the talk is geared towards beginners, intermediate or advanced genealogist.

However, I chose not to create a schedule, but instead added my choices to My Playlist.

The menu box in the top right includes My Playlist. Since the sessions are available on demand and I probably won’t listen to all of them when they are first available, I prefer to use My Playlist. Once I’ve viewed the class, I can click off the save button and that session will be removed from My Playlist.

If you are also a virtual attendee at RootsTech 2024 this year, register now and create your personalized schedule and/or playlist.

A few days before opening day (29 February), I will share tips to maximize your at-home experience.

3 thoughts on “RootsTech 2024: Be Prepared!”

  1. I’m really hoping most of those sessions get recorded. Between the time zone (I’m on Pacific time) and the fact I’ll be working much of the time, I really won’t be able to view much live. There are definitely some sessions I want to see!

  2. Good reminder that although I’ve added presentations to my schedule, I should add to my playlist where appropriate. Will be #NotAtRootsTech in person but enjoying talks and exhibits virtually, like you!

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