From Emogene to Aunt May: New Year Greetings 1922 Going Home

As you may have noticed, I like using vintage postcards when I write about holidays. I love to return vintage family mementos to descendants when I come across items that I cant trace down to the present day.

This year, for New Year’s Day, I purchased a cute little postcard from 1922:


I loved the artwork of the child pulling that huge list of resolutions along behind and I liked the saying, too.

I really didn’t pay attention to the back of the postcard until it came in the mail:

Although the postage stamp is gone, this postcard had been mailed to Mrs. Amos H. Trout, R.F.D. in Hunker, PA.

Mrs. Trout, aka Bertha May (who went by May) was easy enough to find in the 1920 census.

Then, I looked more carefully at the note:

dear Aunt Maye would like to come out. why dont you come down. Mother has been sick hope you are all well. Santa brought me a doll Jay a wagon Wilbert floor chimes, with love to bot of you. Emogene & Jay.

The address looks like it might be in a child’s handwriting – perhaps Emogene wrote it. The message definitely appears to be more adult handwriting.

The postmark is partly obscured and faded, but it came from Scottdale, Pennsylvania.

Now, if I had been looking for two unknown siblings like Mary and John, it would have been a bit of a challenge.  However, Emogene and Jay in Scottdale, Pennsylvania was a snap. there were but two Emogenes living Scottdale and only one had a sibling, Jay:

William Secrest, 39
Elizabeth Secrest, 32
Emogene G., 5
Jay E., 4

Wilbert Isaac, who was also mentioned in the postcard, was born in 1921 and died in 1937.

Emogene Grace Sechrist was born 7 February 1914 and died on 24 May 2005, so she lived a good long life.

Because she only passed away a few years ago, I’ll omit her husband’s name and those of her seven children, but she has quite a few descendants today.

I made contact with one of her grandsons, one of the children of Emogene’s youngest child, who was quite impressed that I found the postcard and was able to find him!

The postcard is in near mint condition and it makes my heart happy knowing that it is not only going home to her grandson, but that there are great and 2X great grandchildren who may treasure this postcard, as well.

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