The People of Argyll, Bute, and Dunbarton 1600-1699 by David Dobson: Book Review

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book for the purposes of review and I have received other books from Genealogical Publishing Company, also for review. However, my opinions are my own and not influenced by outside sources.

Boy, do I wish I had more Scots ancestors! The People of Argyll, Bute, and Dunbarton 1600-1699, the newest book by prolific author David Dobson, is a 174-page guide to residents who lived in Argyll, Bute and the western portion of Dunbartonshire during the 17th century.

The book opens with a short introduction to the history of the area, followed by References where the people cited were found, lists of the parishes of each of the three locations, clans listed, an image of Dunbarton Castle and a map of Argyll.

The main text of the book of simply an alphabetical list of all the people who Mr. Dobson located in the various records and it makes for really interesting reading even for those, like me, who have no known family tree ties to this area of Scotland.

Sample entries:

Buchanan, John, probably from Dunbarton, was captured at the Siege of Worcester in 1651, then transported via London aboard the John and Sarah bound for New England in November 1651

McPherson, John, who fled to Ireland, was the father of Jane Stewart’s child in Kingarth, Bute, in 1693

Strang, Bessie, wife of Thomas Craig in Drumore, Kilmichael, who died in May 1692, parents of Janet, Isobel, James, Andrew, and Elizabeth, an inventory, date 4 May 1694

As seen by these examples, there is tremendous variety in the types of facts uncovered about each person. Personally, I would love to learn any of these about one or more of my Scottish ancestors!

David Dobson’s works are excellent reference aids and The People of Argyll, Bute, and Dunbarton 1600-1699 is no exception.

If you have known ancestry from Argyll, Bute and/or Dunbarton, this book should be in your home reference library.

The People of Argyll, Bute, and Dunbarton 1600-1699 was published by Clearfield Company in 2023 and can be purchased on for $31.00.

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