Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Your Genealogy and Family History Gifts

It’s Christmas weekend with Christmas Eve just a few hours away. It’s also Saturday night, so time for Randy Seaver’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge, which, of course, is holiday-themed. 🙂

Join in and accept the mission and execute it with precision. Here’s your chance to sit on Genea-Santa’s lap (virtually) and tell him about your actual or wishful genealogy and family history gifts.

Rev up the olde thynking cap and cue up the Mission Impossible music – your mission should you decide to accept it – keeping with the Christmas theme – is:

1) Pick out a genealogy-oriented Christmas gift for someone you know, admire, appreciate or love. It could be for a family member, someone in the genealogy community, or a friend or colleague. Describe your genealogy gift to them. [Note: you don’t have to actually gift them, although it would be a nice thing to do!]

Although I’m in excellent health, having now reached my 70s, I have begun to think about who will be the recipient/s of all the original documents and photographs, of which I am the current caretaker, when I am unable to continue with my favorite hobby.

My oldest photos date from the late 1840s and are of two of my 4X great grandparents who were the children of Loyalists. I have several thousand photos.

Other precious family items are letters and postcards sent to and from family members along with many transcribed vital record and church certificates.

Thinking ahead a couple of generations, since we have no grandchildren, my intended recipients of the family history will be the children of cousins on both the paternal and maternal branches of the family tree because I want to be sure that these items survive for many more generations.

Of course, they will also receive genealogy software and digital images of everything, too.

When will this happen? Well, probably not next year, but perhaps within 5 or 6 years from now.

Merry Christmas to All!


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