Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Christmas Weather Experiences

December is rolling along, while my hubby and I are rolling at sea in Hawaii. The ship sails from Kona to Honolulu this evening so I have some internet access. It’s also time for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun and this week’s topic is memories of our Christmas weather experiences.

Growing up in the East, I always expected to see snow on Christmas Eve and it often, but not always, happened.

Me, Winter 1952

My parents definitely believed in me being exposed to cold weather. I even have a photo of my in my playpen set up in the backyard dressed in this outfit!

Snow was always fun when I was little as everyone headed outside to build snowmen and make angels in the snow. the apartments across the street had large grassy areas in front, perfect for fun snow activities.

The only specific Christmas for which I remember the weather was in 1959. I had asked Santa for a new “big-girl” bicycle and I was hoping that it didn’t snow so I could take my bike for a ride on Christmas Day. The reason I remember this so well is that Santa did bring me a beautiful pink and white bike, which I loved, and it didn’t snow. However, I didn’t get to ride my bike on Christmas Day or any other day of the vacation because I got something else on Christmas Day – chicken pox!

After we moved to Wayne, I still loved seeing snow for Christmas. I only remember one Christmas Eve when it snowed. There might have been others, but on this particular night, I was at church for the Christmas Eve service. There was a large view window above the altar and just as we were singing the closing hymn, snow began to come down.

In 1979, I moved to California and the weather varied. Some years it was possible to wear shorts, as the temperature was in the 70s or 80s. Other years, the weather was a lot colder. I don’t remember any snow flurries (which is all we ever got) on Christmas, but it did snow a couple of times on New Year’s Day.

The weather in Tucson is similar to that of Southern California in winter. We’ve never had snow on Christmas, but have had some in February and March.

This was the wash behind our backyard last march:

It looks like quite a bit of snow, but the ground is so warm that it doesn’t stick on the sidewalk or the road and it has all melted away 2 hours after the sun comes up. My kind of snow!

Although I love to see snow-covered mountains and Tucson kind of snow, I much prefer warmer weather.

I have to admit that I would love to see snow outside my window for Christmas!

Thanks, Randy, for this week’s challenge.


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  1. You had fun adventures in the snow growing up. I think children love snow more than adults. Now you get the best of both worlds, it does snow but doesn’t stick. I have to admit, a warm Christmas is pretty nice.

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