John Adams, Loyalist, CT & New Brunswick, Canada: Generation 6 – 3X Great Grandchildren Through Son Thomas Adams, Part 5

NOTE: This will be the last generation of descendants that I will post online, as even this generation is quite big. Also, there are a number of living descendants among the 3X great grandchildren of Loyalists John Adams and wife Sarah Coley. For those families in which there are living children, their names will not be included in the family sketch.

There are many descendants for whom I can find no further information, especially with more stringent privacy laws in Canada. If it is possible that a “lost” person might be living, that information will also be omitted from the family sketch.

These family sketches will be posted in groups organized under each of the children of John and Sarah (Coley) Adams based on the birth order of those children.

Today’s sketches cover the descendants of John and Sarah (Coley) Adams’ grandson, Henry Adams, child of their son, Thomas Adams.

Franklin Benjamin Hill (Olive Louisa4, Henry3, Thomas2, John1) was born 21 September 1875, Calais, Washington, Maine; died after 1950, possibly Portland, Cumberland, Maine; married Rebecca Sears, 4 January 1899, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada.

Children of Franklin Benjamin and Rebecca (Sears) Hill:

  1. Ethel G., born 7 June 1899, Portland, Cumberland, Maine; died 26 January 1998, Portland, Cumberland, Maine; married James E. Floyd Purington, 28 May 1923, Portland, Cumberland, Maine
  2. Herbert W., born 27 November 1900, Portland, Cumberland, Maine; died 6 November 1996, Portland, Cumberland, Maine; married June E. Norcross, 12 August 1924, Portland, Cumberland, Maine
  3. Norman Eugene, born 11 June 1902, Portland, Cumberland, Maine; died 13 November 1961, Portland, Cumberland, Maine; married Vera Persus Libby, 23 March 1927, Portland, Cumberland, Maine
  4. Hazel Louise, born 23 February 1904, Portland, Cumberland, Maine; died 28 May 1969, Portland, Cumberland, Maine; married Virgil Ernest Hills, 12 June 1926, Portland, Cumberland, Maine
  5. Clifford Marshall, born 3 May 1906, Portland, Cumberland, Maine; died 27 April 1967, Portland, Cumberland, Maine; married Mae A. Bowler, 23 August 1942, Portland, Cumberland, Maine

Ernest Sidney Hill (Olive Louisa4, Henry3, Thomas2, John1) was born 12 December 1877, Calais, Washington, Maine; died 22 April 1966, Calais, Washington, Maine; married Edna May Perkins, 23 July 1902, Calais, Washington, Maine.

Children of Ernest Sidney and Edna May (Perkins) Hill:

  1. Myrtle Mae, born 20 March 1903, Calais, Washington, Maine; died 10 June 1996, Calais, Washington, Maine; married Joseph Franklin Glidden, 18 April 1925, Calais, Washington, Maine
  2. Pearl Thelma, born 18 April 1904, Calais, Washington, Maine; died 2 November 1989, Calais, Washington, Maine; married Cecil D. Wilson, 30 April 1927, St. Stephen, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada
  3. Esther Lillian, born 23 June 1906, Calais, Washington, Maine; died 10 May 1989, Calais, Washington, Maine; married Luther Barnes, 26 September 1925, St. Stephen, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada
  4. Agnes E., born 16 April 1908, Calais, Washington, Maine; died 27 April 1990, Calais, Washington, Maine; married Wilbur Archie Hooper, 5 October 1929, Calais, Washington, Maine. They had no children.
  5. Harriet B., born 25 March 1910, Calais, Washington, Maine; died 25 January 2006, Calais, Washington, Maine; married James E. Woods, 15 September 1934, Calais, Washington, Maine

Clarence Franklin Adams (Benjamin Franklin4, Henry3, Thomas2, John1) was born 29 June 1885, Calais, Washington, Maine; died December 1963, Rhode Island; married Geneva L. Cole, 12 July 1910, Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts.

Children of Clarence Franklin and Geneva L. (Cole) Adams:

  1. Florence Madeline, born 22 April1912, Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts; died 22 July 2007, possibly Belfast, Waldo, Maine, which is her last S.S. address; married John Metzler, 1932, Longmeadow, Hampden, Massachusetts
  2. Charles Franklin, born 22 July 1917, Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts; died 11 September 1917, Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts

Harold Edwin Adams (Benjamin Franklin4, Henry3, Thomas2, John1) was born 24 January 1888, Calais, Washington, Maine; died 17 April 1972, Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, according to his Masons membership card; married Edith J. Hudson, 21 July 1920, Chelsea, Suffolk, Massachusetts.

 Children of Harold Edwin and Edith J. (Hudson) Adams:

  1. Edith Geraldine, born 29 May 1921, Brockton, Plymouth, Massachusetts; died 23 March 1998, Morehead City, Carteret, North Carolina; married William Hayward Penney, 1943, Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts
  2. Olive Roberta, born 4 April 1924, Brockton, Plymouth, Massachusetts; died November 2015, probably Sebastian, Indian River, Florida, where she last lived; married Edward Snarski, 1946, Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts
  3. Harold Edwin, born 6 July 1926, Brockton, Plymouth, Massachusetts; died 16 April 1950, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts; unmarried
  4. Mary Elizabeth, born 31 December 1930, Brockton, Plymouth, Massachusetts; died 11 May 2004, possibly Massachusetts or Florida; married Herbert Renkainen, 1950, Wareham, Plymouth, Massachusetts

Percy Deacon Adams (Benjamin Franklin4, Henry3, Thomas2, John1) was born 31 March 1890, Calais, Washington, Maine; died 7 July 1958, Calais, Washington, Maine; married (1) Leona Robinson, 23 November 1910, Calais, Washington, Maine (2) Ethel Brindle, 4 January 1941, St. Stephen, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada.

Children of Percy Deacon and Leona (Robinson) Adams:

  1. Son, born and died 27 June 1911, Calais, Washington, Maine
  2. Daughter, born and died 14 February 1912, Calais, Washington, Maine
  3. Son, born and died 4 June 1914, Calais, Washington, Maine
  4. Ruth E., born 6 September 1915, Calais, Washington, Maine; died 23 May 1916, Calais, Washington, Maine
  5. Son, born and died 23 January 1917, Calais, Washington, Maine
  6. Charles Franklin, born 26 April 1918, Calais, Washington, Maine; died 9 April 2002, Allenstown, Merrimack, New Hampshire; married Irene M. Clarke, 16 April 1941, Washington County, Maine

Child of Percy Deacon and Ethel (Brindle) Adams:

1. John Deacon, born 28 June 1942, Calais, Washington, Maine; married (1) Martha Ruth Turner, 10 April 1965, Arlington, Virginia. They divorced in April 1977, San Diego, San Diego, California (2) Connie Jean Young, 9 July 1978, Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada. Living in Fort Myers, Florida in October 2022.

Ethel Louise Adams (Benjamin Franklin4, Henry3, Thomas2, John1) was born 18 February 1895, Calais, Washington, Maine; died 6 February 1962, St. Stephen, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada; married Eric Max Sawyer, 25 March 1914, Calais, Washington, Maine.

Child of Eric Max and Ethel Louise (Adams) Sawyer:

  1. William D., born 13 August 1922, Canada; died 13 January 1985, Fredericton, York, New Brunswick, Canada; married Minnie Annie Wibberly, 18 July 1942, St. Stephen, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada

Olive Marjorie Adams (Benjamin Franklin4, Henry3, Thomas2, John1) was born 17 January 1900, Calais, Washington, Maine; died about 2 November 1963 (obituary in the Bangor Daily News); married Myron Matthew Rogers, 4 September 1926, Nassau County, New York.

Children of Myron Matthew and Olive Marjorie (Adams) Rogers:

  1. Richard Adams, born 8 July 1930, Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts; died 7 November 2016, Naples, Collier, Florida; married Joan Irene Falvey, 1951, West Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts
  2. Robert B., born 12 October 1935, Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts; died 7 March 2016, Overland Park, Johnson, Kansas; married Kathleen Pearcy, 25 June 1975, Dallas, Dallas, Texas

Marion Tasca Adams (Clarence Edwin4, Henry3, Thomas2, John1) was born 12 August 1891, probably Portland, Cumberland, Maine; died 3 October 1966, Gorham, Cumberland, Maine; married Clement Everett Dunning, 2 June 1911, Portland, Cumberland, Maine.

Children of Clement Everett and Marion Tasca (Adams) Dunning:

  1. Everett Adams, born 2 May 1913, Portland, Cumberland, Maine; died 21 August 1977, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan; married Charlotte Conger, 2 August 1939, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan
  2. Phyllis Marion, born 20 December 1917, Portland, Cumberland, Maine; died 6 March 1981, Bay City, Bay, Michigan; married Wilson E. Pacific, 1 August 1941, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan

Bertha Louise Dunham (Gertrude Sophia4, Henry3, Thomas2, John1) was born 5 May 1891, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts; died 28 November 1971, Stoughton, Norfolk, Massachusetts; married David Lawrence Beers, 1923, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts.

Children of David Lawrence and Bertha Louise (Dunham) Beers:

  1. Phyllis Gertrude, born 1921, Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts; died 1937, Needham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
  2. Shirley Florence, born 14 June 1924, Massachusetts; died 17 August 2009, Canton, Norfolk, Massachusetts; married (1) William J.Tyler, 1945, Needham, Norfolk, Massachusetts (2) Archie Wells Howell, 1 March 1954, New Hampshire

Albert Leslie Dunham (Gertrude Sophia4, Henry3, Thomas2, John1) was born 20 August 1893, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts; died 22 December 1970, Mason, Hillsborough, New Hampshire; married Frances Elizabeth Dunham, 16 June 1920, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts.

Children of Albert Leslie and Frances Elizabeth (Dunham) Dunham:

  1. Albert Leslie, born 14 April 1921, Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts; died 4 September 1978, Fitchburg, Worcester, Massachusetts; married (1) Rita Cecile Fournier, 25 January 1947, Greenville, Hillsborough, New Hampshire (2) Frances
  2. Robert Norman, born 9 May 1923, Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts; died 15 July 2009, Charlotte County, Florida; married Irma M. (MNU), after 1950

Arthur Edward Dunham (Gertrude Sophia4, Henry3, Thomas2, John1) was born 30 May 1899, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts; died 30 October 1973, Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts; married (1) Adelaide Morton Leslie, 1924, Needham, Norfolk, Massachusetts; divorced before 1940 (2) Margaret (MNU) Gillespie, before 1940.

Children of Arthur Edward and Adelaide Morton (Leslie) Dunham:

  1. Lois Adelaide, born 1925, Needham, Norfolk, Massachusetts; died ; married (1) Raymond Joseph Ouellette, 21 March 1947, Derry, Rockngham, New Hampshire; divorced 2 December 1952, Rockingham County, New Hampshire (2) Mr. Conley, before 1964
  2. Arthur Edward, born 22 July 1927, Massachusetts; died 3 June 1985, probably Rockingham County, New Hampshire; married Margaret Susan Hallett, 6 February 1948, Salem, Rockingham, New Hampshire

Here ENDS all the known 3X great grandchildren of Loyalists John and Sarah (Coley) Adams.

If you are able to document additions to this information, please leave a comment.

The final post will be a wrap of explaining the methodology of how I uncovered new information.

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