John Adams, Loyalist, CT & New Brunswick, Canada: Generation 6 – 3X Great Grandchildren Through Son Thomas Adams, Part 4

NOTE: This will be the last generation of descendants that I will post online, as even this generation is quite big. Also, there are a number of living descendants among the 3X great grandchildren of Loyalists John Adams and wife Sarah Coley. For those families in which there are living children, their names will not be included in the family sketch.

There are many descendants for whom I can find no further information, especially with more stringent privacy laws in Canada. If it is possible that a “lost” person might be living, that information will also be omitted from the family sketch.

These family sketches will be posted in groups organized under each of the children of John and Sarah (Coley) Adams based on the birth order of those children.

Today’s sketches cover the descendants of John and Sarah (Coley) Adams’ grandson, Charles Adams, child of their son, Thomas Adams.

This branch of the family tree is by far the shortest with the least number of leaves, but Charles did leave a young family behind when he died.

Charles Edward Adams (William H.4, Charles3, Thomas2, John1) was born 5 August 1878, Eastport, Washington, Maine; died before 11 December 1907, probably Massachusetts; married Flora M. Shattuck, 11 November 1901, Newburyport, Essex, Massachusetts.

Children of Charles Edward and Flora M. (Shattuck) Adams:

  1. Elizabeth Gertrude, born 8 March 1902, Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts; died 21 January 1960, Rochester, Strafford, New Hampshire; married Charles M. Hayes, 8 August 1930, Rochester, Strafford, New Hampshire
  2. Albert Edward, born 19 March 1906, Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts; died 5 November 1996, probably New Hampshire; married Mary I. Chapman, 19 April 1930, Rochester, Strafford, New Hampshire

Congratulations if you have made it this far, plowing through all the descendants of Loyalists John and Sarah (Coley) Adams.

The final branch of the family tree containing 3X great grandchildren will focus on descendants through Thomas Adams’ son, Henry Adams.


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