John Adams, Loyalist, CT & New Brunswick, Canada: Generation 6 – 3X Great Grandchildren Through Son Thomas Adams, Part 3

NOTE: This will be the last generation of descendants that I will post online, as even this generation is quite big. Also, there are a number of living descendants among the 3X great grandchildren of Loyalists John Adams and wife Sarah Coley. For those families in which there are living children, their names will not be included in the family sketch.

There are many descendants for whom I can find no further information, especially with more stringent privacy laws in Canada. If it is possible that a “lost” person might be living, that information will also be omitted from the family sketch.

These family sketches will be posted in groups organized under each of the children of John and Sarah (Coley) Adams based on the birth order of those children.

Today’s sketches cover the descendants of John and Sarah (Coley) Adams’ grandson, Daniel Adams, child of their son Thomas Adams.

Harland Page Adams (Benjamin W.4, Daniel3, Thomas2, John1) was born 21 December 1861, Portland, Cumberland, Maine; died January 1946, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine; married Evelyn M. Allen, 2 April 1884, Lubec, Washington, Maine. She was born June 1869; died before 1930. He was a school house janitor and a baker.

Children of Harland Page and Evelyn M. (Allen) Adams:

  1. Frank Page, born 24 July 1884, Lubec, Washington, Maine; died 1 January 1980, Peabody, Essex, Massachusetts; married Alice M. Butler, c1920
  2. Ethel Maud, born 18 January 1886, Lubec, Washington, Maine; died 22 January 1888, Lubec, Washington, Maine
  3. Nellie F., born 10 April 1889, Lubec, Washington, Maine; died 9 February 1989, Washington County, Maine; married Edgar Burton Bagley, 14 July 1917, Whiting, Washington, Maine
  4. Mildred M., born 112 December 1890, Lubec, Washington, Maine; died 26 October 1962, Milbridge, Washington, Maine; married Frank Clark Bixby, 3 March 1915, Kennebunkport, York, Maine . She was a newspaper compositor. They had no children.
  5. Addie Maude, born 20 September 1897, Lubec, Washington, Maine; died 22 August 1978, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine; married Clarence A. Strout, 7 November 1917, Lubec, Washington, Maine

Charles Linden Adams (Benjamin4, Daniel3, Thomas2, John1) was born 16  February 1868, Lubec, Washington, Maine; died 1943, Lubec, Washington, Maine; married Vieva Bradford Mugford, 8 November 1894, Campobello Island, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada. According to the census, Charles’ father was born in Canada and his mother in Maine. He lived on Main St., Lubec, Washington, in 1910. He was a confectionary merchant.

Child of Charles Linden and Vieva Bradford (Mugford) Adams:

 1. Vance Harte, born 15 January 1896. Lubec, Washington, Maine; died 16 January 1959, Lubec, Washington, Maine; married Grace J. Hill, 22 July 1915, Lubec, Washington, Maine. They had no children.

Charles Edwin Bill (Emeline4, Daniel3, Thomas2, John1) was born 18 November 1867, Eastport, Washington, Maine; died 5 April 1954, Brighton, Suffolk, Massachusetts; married Martha H. Black, 10 September 1890, Eastport, Washington, Maine.

Children of Charles Edwin and Martha H. (Black) Bill:

  1. Charles Horace, born 27 December 1891, Eastport, Washington, Maine; died after 1930; married Lily H. Sweet, 19 January 1914, Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
  2. Elizabeth E., born 15 June 1893, Eastport, Washington, Maine; died after 1950 when she lived in Everett, Middlesex, Massachusetts; married Francis Edward Bailey, 1919, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
  3. Orlo James, born 12 April 1896, Eastport, Washington, Maine; died 5 May 1970, Waltham, Middlesex, Massachusetts; married Marjorie B. Flaherty, 1920, Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts
  4. Ethelyn Vera, born 28 September 1905, Pembroke, Washington, Maine; died 29 June 1985, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts; married Ernest Daniel Whitehouse, 1925, Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts
  5. Elsie K., born 10 May 1908, Eastport, Washington, Maine; died 13 February 1972, Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts; married James MacDougall Allan, c1935, probably Massachusetts

William Harrison Bill (Emeline4, Daniel3, Thomas2, John1) was born 15 June 1876, Deer Island, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada; died 12 July 1941, Massachusetts; married (1) Mary Ann Short, 15 March 1905, Somerville, Middlesex, Massachusetts (2) Emma Florence Moore, 17 October 1920, Brookline, Norfolk, Massachusetts. He appears to have divorced Mary Ann and they had no children.

Child of William Harrison and Emma Florence (Moore) Bill:

  1. Melvin Kenneth, 9 April 1924, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusets; died 14 July 2004, Pasadena, Los Angeles, California; married Edith Margaret Lawford, 1949, Brookline, Norfolk, Massachusetts

Charles Edwin Adams (Calvin4, Daniel3, Thomas2, John1) was born 11 January 1877, Calais, Washington, Maine; died 24 January 1922, Calais, Washington, Maine; married Annie Maude Stuart, 21 September 1898, Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts. He died when he pulled a hair out of his nostril and got a strep infection. He and Annie lived at 29 Calais Avenue in 1910.

Child of Charles Edwin and Annie Maude (Stuart) Adams:

  1. Vernon Tarbox, born 3 May 1899, Calais, Washington, Maine; died 7 December 1968, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts; married Hazel Ethel Coleman, 19 July 1920, Calais, Washington, Maine. Hazel was born 7 February 1901, Calais, Washington, Maine; died 21 April 1995, Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts.

Vera Pearl Adams (Calvin4, Daniel3, Thomas2, John1) was born 18 September 1887, Calais, Washington, Maine; died 29 September 1973, Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts; married Perce Chadwick, 21 June 1916, Calais, Washington, Maine.

Child of Perce and Vera Pearl (Adams) Chadwick:

  1. Charles Adams, born 20 January 1923, Somerville, Middlesex, Massachusetts; died 24 October 2006, North Scituate, Providence, Rhode Island; unmarried

Sarah W. Adams (Lowell Robert4, Daniel3, Thomas2, John1) was born January 1891, Washington County, Maine; died 11 July 1964, Everett, Middlesex, Massachusetts; married Jerome Elwin Marsh, 2 July 1912, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts.

Children of Jerome Elwin and Sarah W. (Adams) Marsh:

  1. Ruth Adams, born 4 April 1913, Middlesex County, Massachusetts; died 26 November 1970, Melrose, Middlesex, Massachusetts; married Henry Aloysius O’Leary, c1935, probably Middlesex County, Massachusetts

Next, we will look at the descendants of Thomas’s son, Charles, who married, but died as a young man. Little is found about him or his family in online trees.

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