Friday’s Family History Finds – Hiatus This Week

NOTE: We are traveling for the first time since pre-pandemic and my internet access isn’t steady so Friday’s Finds is on hiatus this week.

Several weeks ago, Louis Kessler, who writes Behold Genealogy, shared a fun, easy and free website, Tiermaker, to rank genealogical websites according to our own priorities.

Soon afterwards, Randy Seaver shared his experience with Tiermaker and also ranked his favorite sites.

This seems like a great substitute for my Friday’s Family History Finds post this week, so here are my rankings. I placed the websites based on how I use them and how often I use them.

I noticed that there were many websites that I’ve heard about, but never used and it’s likely I won’t ever use them because I have no family history ties to those places.

There were only four sites that I’ve never heard of and couldn’t figure out what type of genealogy resources they might have, except the last icon I think is in Polish.

If you haven’t yet tried Tiermaker, check out Louis’ and Randy’s posts and take a few minutes to view GeneaVlogger Jarrett Ross’s YouTube presentation.

3 thoughts on “Friday’s Family History Finds – Hiatus This Week”

  1. I’ve made huge strides in my German genealogy using Matricula! Hope you had/have a great time on your trip. We did our first big post-pandemic trip (more than three nights and more than a day’s drive) in October, a 17day, 4000+ mile road trip.

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