Friday’s Family History Finds – Hiatus This Week

NOTE: Friday’s Family History Finds is on hiatus this week, as my internet connection isn’t consistent at the moment and I’m unable to easily collect and share links.

In the meantime, here’s a photo of my current Santa collection that I hope brings a smile to your face:

I’ve added several new guys this year. The dark green Santa at the far left of the table top is made from a gourd. The two sitting on the floor on the far left and right are both dressed for winter.

The small Santa on the floor on the left that is lit up is hard to see. He’s a new find from The Vermont Country Store and is carrying a vintage bubble light.

The larger Santa on the floor in the middle is sitting at a desk and is also lit up. Santa is working on his delivery list and his arm actually moves as if he is writing. The Santa just to the left of him is wearing a Hawaiian shirt and flip flops. I found him in Long’s Drugstore in Kauai.

Most of the Santas on the table top are vintage, although the one on the far right is carved from wood and made in Montenegro. I bought him in a shop while on a cruise several years ago.

As much as I love my Santa collection and am always on the lookout for new ones, storage is getting to be a problem!

Happy Holidays!

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