2024 Genealogy Goals

At the beginning of the month, I reviewed my 2023 goals, which were easily met with the exception of cleaning up my RootsMagic software.

For the last 2 or 3 years, I’ve included goals to leave comments on other blogs and to continue giving back to the genealogy community. Those habits are quite well ingrained at this point, so I am going to omit those activities as stated goals.

Instead, I’d like to focus on just 2 goals:

1. No matter what, stick with the job of cleaning up my software program. I’ve actually completed through my 3X great grandparents, which is the sum total of my paternal Carpatho-Rusyn branch of the tree. However, the maternal side has a few lines back as early as the 1400s, thanks to professionals who published terrific articles. That will still take me quite a while to complete. I really want this off my plate by the end of the year.

2. I love Jacqi Stevens’ 12 for ’23 on A Family Tapestry, where she spends a month on a research problem and then moves on. I followed this idea in 2023, using it to seek out more life details and social history for multiple family lines. Jacqi sets her list up before she begins, but I found being more flexible and choosing new people/families each month worked better for me, so I will be working on 12 for ’24.

I’m just going to have to ignore BSOs that might pull me down the rabbit holes and stick with clean up.

The 12 for ’24 list will provide for some breaks in the clean up and allow me to at least peer into a few rabbit holes!

Have you set your 2024 genealogy goals yet?

2 thoughts on “2024 Genealogy Goals”

  1. I like your plan to narrow your focus in the coming year, taking quality time to accomplish what you need to do in specific areas of your family history. Best of luck with your genealogy in 2024!

  2. Good for you making it a commitment to clean up your RM database. Adding the goal of researching 12 people sounds like fun. Good luck!

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