Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: A Photo of You with a Grandparent

It’s time for my favorite weekend activity – Saturday Night Genealogy Fun with Randy Seaver. He has a fun challenge for us this weekend:

1)   Do you have a photograph of yourself with one or more of your grandparents?  How about your great-grandparents?  Show us what you have, and tell us your grandparents names.

I only ever knew three of my grandparents. My paternal line is George Kucharik (aka Sabo), born 1893; died 27 November 1936 of tuberculosis and Julia Scerbak (1893-1985). We lived with my Nana, Julia, in New Jersey. She never remarried.

My maternal line is Vernon Tarbox Adams (1899-1968) and Hazel Ethel Coleman (1901-1985). They lived in Massachusetts and I visited them often – always in the summer, sometimes at Easter, sometimes at Christmas and once for Thanksgiving.

Everyone seems to have taken many photos of me, as I was the only child and only grandchild for the first five years of my life.

However, as I’m looking through all my digital photos, I’m realizing that many of those photos were just of me, at least until I was older.

Here is one of Nana and me taken about 1957. We were standing in the front yard on Summer Street in Passaic, New Jersey.

I don’t have any memories of Nana working in the garden, and we sure didn’t have a gardener, but she always had beautiful flowers and bushes, along with a couple of terrible crab apple trees.

Here is one with Grandmother (Hazel) taken at my grandparents’ camp on Little Sebago Lake in Maine, also in 1957. Notice my matching haircuts in the two photos!

I have very fond memories of my early years!

Thanks, Randy, for a fun walk down Memory Lane in our own lives.




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