John Adams, Loyalist, CT & New Brunswick, Canada: Generation 6 – 3X Great Grandchildren Through Daughter Hannah Adams Segee, Part 1

NOTE: This will be the last generation of descendants that I will post online, as even this generation is quite big. Also, there are a number of living descendants among the 3X great grandchildren of Loyalists John Adams and wife Sarah Coley. For those families in which there are living children, their names will not be included in the family sketch.

There are many descendants for whom I can find no further information, especially with more stringent privacy laws in Canada. If it is possible that a “lost” person might be living, that information will also be omitted from the family sketch.

These family sketches will be posted in groups organized under each of the children of John and Sarah (Coley) Adams based on the birth order of those children.

Hannah was the only known daughter born to Loyalists John and Sarah (Coley) Adams. Although she married William Segee and gave birth to about ten children, the first four either died young or didn’t marry.

Today’s sketch covers the descendants of William and Hannah (Adams) Segee’s daughter, Matilda.

There is little to be found in online trees pertaining to Matilda Segee. However, she did marry and had descendants, but this branch of the family tree is quite small at this point in time.

Louisa A. Grosvenor (Hannah Fradsham4, Matilda Segee3, Hannah2, John1) was born 16 June 1860, New Brunswick, Canada; died 13 December 1944, New Brunswick, Canada; married William Cronkhite, 16 October 1878, Woodstock, Carleton, New Brunswick, Canada. Arthur and Fraser both died on the same day of different causes, per their death certificates. Fraser and Florence were twins.

Children of William and Louisa A. (Grosvenor) Cronkhite:

  1. Arthur Grosvenor, born 3 August 1879, Lower Southampton, York, New Brunswick, Canada; died 2 January 1965, Carleton, New Brunswick, Canada; married Helen Gertrude Simmons, 6 June 1926, Prince William, York, New Brunswick, Canada
  2. Fraser, born 16 October 1898, Southampton, York, New Brunswick, Canada; died 2 January 1965, York, New Brunswick, Canada; married Glenna Jemima Trail, 5 December 1923, York, New Brunswick, Canada
  3. Florence, born 16 October 1898, Southampton, York, New Brunswick, Canada; died 9 July 1922, York, New Brunswick, Canada of a strep infection; married Guy Hazen Davidson, c1918

It is unknown whether Arthur or Fraser had children, but Florence left two young children when she died in 1922, so there are descendants.

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