Adelaide Woodbury Ingersoll: Her Life and Family

Who was Adelaide Woodbury Ingersoll? She is the young lady who is the subject of this photo.

Adelaid Woodbury Ingersoll was born on 19 November 1869, possibly in Auburn, Androscoggin, Maine, where her family lived for some years.

The above photo, done by A.G. Fassett, Fine Photography located at 124 Lisbon Street, Lewiston, Maine, was taken about October 1893, as the back is inscribed with her name and age: 23 years, 10 months and 27 days.

Addie was a middle child in a family of seven children – one brother and five sisters.

John H. Ingersoll married Hannah Elizabeth Emerson on 5 October 1852 in Danville, Androscoggin, Maine.


1. Annie Giddings, born 23 January 1857; died 7 October 1931; married George A. Barton, 30 June 1913. They had no children.
2. Sarah Elizabeth, born 13 December 1869; died 22 February 1941; unmarried
3. George E., born 1861; died 1936; married (1) Susie J. Carville, 6 October 1897, Everett, Middlesex, Massachusetts. She died in 1907 and had no known children. (2) Isabella Grant, 3 November 1908, Everett, Middlesex, Massachusetts. George and Isabella had two children.
4. Grace, born 15 January 1864; died 3 September 1934; unmarried
5. Adelaide Woodbury, born 19 November 1869; died 30 November 1921; married Sam Frank Ham, 8 February 1899, Danville, Androscoggin, Maine. They were the parents of two children.
6. Hattie May, born 5 June 1872; died 10 December 1895
7. Edith A., born 12 November 1874; died 24 November 1888

It’s interesting that the Ingersoll family all remained in the Auburn area and are buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in Auburn.

From this family grouping, of the seven children of John and Hannah Ingersoll, two of the daughters died in childhood, two never married and one who married, Annie, had no children.

Addie’s brother George had two daughters with his second wife, Isabella. They were Edith May, born 1910; died 9 February 1968, Lewiston, Androscoggin, Maine; never married and Dorothy Lowe, born 31 May 1912; died 16 October 1999; married Francis J. Albert, 26 October 1946, Maine. They had no children, so George Ingersoll has no descendants today.

That leaves our photograph subject, Addie, and her family.

Sam Frank Ham and Adelaide Woodbury Ingersoll were the parents of one son and one daughter.


1. Helen Elizabeth, born 6 February 1901; died 17 April 1983; unmarried
2. Harold Frederick, bon 23 September 1902; died 1958; married Elizabeth M. Milton, 26 September 1925.

Harold and Elizabeth were the parents of one son, Harold Frederick Ham, Jr., who was born 28 May 1935 and died on 12 January 2016 in Massachusetts.

Harold married and has three surviving children. Therefore, I can say with certainty that Adelaide Woodbury Ingersoll’s photo has gone home to one of her great grand children.

Mission  accomplished!




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