Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Where Were Your 16 2nd Great-Grandparents Born, Married and died?

October has flown by, with Halloween just a few days away and it’s time for the last October 2023 Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge with Randy Seaver on Genea-Musings.

Here’s this week’s challenge:

1)  Where did your 16 2nd great-grandparents live and die?  What are their birth, marriage and death dates and locations?

Since I already had a list of my 2X greats on paper from Randy’s DNA interest group with Chula Vista Genealogy Society, they are fresh in my mind.

However, as you’ll see, their origins are a good reflection of my varied ethnicities. As for the Catholic baptisms, most Rusyn babies were baptized when they were a few days old and the deceased were generally buried two days after death.

John Kucharik was baptized 28 November 1820, buried 9 February 1893 and married Maria Repka on 11 August 1849, all in Okruzna, Slovakia.

Maria Repka was baptized on 1 February 1825 and buried on 30 January 1896, both in Okruzna, Slovakia.

Michael Kacsenyak was baptized 21 September 1834 in Nizna Sebastova, Slovakia and died after 1895 (when the online church records end). He married Anna Haluska on 28 September 1858 in Ruska Nova Ves, Slovakia.

Anna Haluska was baptized on 27 December 1832 in Ruska Nova Ves, Slovakia and died after 1895.

John Scerbak was baptized on 19 november 1836, died 22 February 1916 and married Maria Patorai on 11 February 1861, all in Udol, Slovakia.

Maria Patorai was born 5 March 1839 and died 27 January 1912, both in Udol, Slovakia.

John Murcko was born 20 November 1831 and died 7 May 1917, both in Hajtovka, Slovakia. He married Maria Szova, c1868, but the priest seems to have forgotten to record their marriage.

Maria Szova was born 23 March 1845 and died on 6 January 1925, both in Hajtovka, Slovakia.

Calvin Segee Adams was born 15 March 1843, Adams Island, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada and died on 15 January 1921, St. Stephen, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada. He married Nellie F. Tarbox on 1 February 1875, Calais, Washington, Maine.

Nellie F. Tarbox was born 28 June 1856, Robbinston, Washington, Maine and died 223 December 1927, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts.

Charles Augustus Stewart was born 1 July 1822, Charlotte, Washington, Maine and died 24 November 1894, Meddybemps, Washington, Maine. He married Elida Ann Hicks on 6 July 1850, Calais, Washington, Maine.

Elida Ann Hicks was born in 1833, Buctouche, Kent, New Brunswick Canada and died 20 February 1914, Calais, Washington, Maine. Unfortunately, Elida was visiting relative in Canada and, as a widow, missed the 1900 census and her death record only gives her age as 81 and her gravestone the birth year of 1833, so I don’t even know her month of birth.

William Coleman was born 10 June 1834, Nelson, Northumberland, New Brunswick, Canada and died 30 May 1905, Calais, Washington, Maine. He married Sarah Moriah Crouse on 6 February 1855, Calais, Washington, Maine.

Sarah Moriah Crouse was born 7 May 1833, Keswick, York, New Brunswick, Canada and died 18 October 1930, Calais, Washington, Maine.

Frits Wille Oscar Emil Jensen was born 12 May 1845, Copenhagen, Denmark and died 26 November 1920, Calais, Washington, Maine. He married Margrethe Bruun on 9 June 1867 in Flade, Hjorring, Denmark.

Margrethe Bruun was born 1 May 1843, Flade, Hjorring, Denmark and died on 10 November 1890, Calais, Washington, Maine.

That’s it for my 16 2X great grandparents. Thank you, Randy, for this week’s challenge.



4 thoughts on “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Where Were Your 16 2nd Great-Grandparents Born, Married and died?”

  1. Wow, half of your 2x-great-grandparents are from Slovakia! And half of the other half are from Canada. Lots of immigrants!

  2. So the Slovakian baptismal records do not include the birth date and the burial records don’t include the death date? Interesting.

    I love the name Meddybemps. I am so disappointed that the Wikipedia entry doesn’t give an etymology for the name.

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