Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Have You Helped Someone with Their Genealogy?

Can you believe that October is almost half gone? I blinked and time flew by! However, it’s again time for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun with Randy Seaver on Genea-Musings.

This week’s challenge is simple:

1)  Have you helped someone (a friend, a colleague, someone you didn’t know, etc.) with their genealogy and family history?  Genea-blogger Ellen Thompson-Jennings wrote on this topic last month in Have You Helped Someone With Their Genealogy? on Hound on the Hunt.

Simple question, but a more complex answer. Back in the pre-internet days, when I began going genealogy, I placed dozens of queries in magazines asking for information, so it wasn’t long before I also received letters asking for help. I always provided any details I knew.

Today, I receive a number of emails and again try to help where I can. Many of the queries are from my husband’s Williams, Woosley and Sturgell lines, but I get others, too.

I’ve done work, for free, for friends in Salt Lake and I’ve taught a small genealogy class since 2010, helping those members when they asked.

There have also been two people who contacted me – Paul and Theresa – asking if I’d help them with their Irish and Italian lines, which I’ve done over a longer span of time.

In short, any time anyone asks for help or information, during the past 44 years, I’ve done whatever I can to add to their family information.

Thanks, Randy and Ellen for this week’s fun challenge.


3 thoughts on “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Have You Helped Someone with Their Genealogy?”

  1. I’d forgotten about those queries back in the day when we would help each other. That was always very satisfying, except those requests when someone would ask “for everything you have” and not return the favor.

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