Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Your Top End-of-Line Ancestors

It’s the end of September and, supposedly, Fall has arrived, even though it doesn’t feel that way in Tucson!

It’s also the weekend and time for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun with Randy Seaver on Genea-Musings.

Here is our new challenge:

1)  Show us your pedigree (or fan) chart.  Who are your end-of-line ancestors?  Describe the top 5 or 10 of them.

Here is my 8-generation fan chart and, as you can see, there is a marked difference in the number of names in each side of my family tree:

I am fortunate enough to have the names of all of my 3X great grandparents on my paternal side.

In my father’s father’s line, I have just one name beyond the 3X generation and due, the no records surviving before the early 1820s, they will forever be end-of-line ancestors:

John Fucsik, born c1775, most likely in or near Okruzna, Slovakia; father of Anna Fucsik who married John Kacsenyak on 8 December 1824 in Okruzna, Slovakia.

In my father’s mother’s line, I actually have one set of 4X great grandparents identified:

Andreas Patorai, born c1753; married 8 February 1778 in Lipovce, Slovakia to:
Elizabeth Tarbai, born c1756, whose son Andreas married Maria Janoskova and were the parents of John Patorai, born c1810 in Slovakia.

On the maternal side of the family tree, my dead end lines in this fan chart are:

(Loyalist) Walter Stewart, born c1750-c1820, New Brunswick, Canada: although I know he came from Dutchess County, New York and there are other Stewarts living there at the same time, I’ve been unable to identify his parents. I know he married twice, first to Elizabeth Briggs and second to Sarah (MNU). None of their thousands of descendants has found any clues to her maiden name.

(Loyalist) Robert Carlisle, born c1758, place unknown-1834, Charlotte, Washington, Maine. Many attempts have proved fruitless in identifying Robert’s parents and many additional attempts have failed to yield clues as to wife Catherine (MNU)‘s maiden name. I do know that this family lived in Sussex, Kings, New Brunswick, Canada for many years before moving to Maine.

Jane (MNU), born c1785; died 2 October 1854, Upper Nelson, Northumberland, New Brunswick, Canada. She  married Daniel Astle, son of Loyalist James Astle, c1807. FAN club clues indicate she might be a Parker, but I haven’t been able to prove it even to preponderance of evidence standards. Jane’s father was probably also a Loyalist.

(?Loyalist) Philip Crouse, born c1761, Zeeland, Netherlands; died 21 February 1857, Keswick, York, New Brunswick, Canada. Philip supposedly came to the colonies as a young boy with his family, but no proof or clues to parents have been uncovered. He left North Carolina after the Revolutionary War and settled in New Brunswick, Canada. He’s called a Loyalist, but I’ve found no evidence of him in Canada before c1789.

(Loyalist) Richard Jones, born c1758, Rhode Island; died 28 January 1842, Burtts Corner, York, New Brunswick, Canada. He married Mary Boone, which is my Mayflower line back to George Soule. He is reportedly the son of James Jones, born in North Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island in 1759, based on this image (No, enlarging it won’t make it any easier to read!!!):

Richard is supposedly the last entry in the list of children of James and Elizabeth Jones. However, if his name is there, it’s illegible. He did name his first son James, but in spite of having seven daughters, none are named Elizabeth. However, he and his wife, Mary Boone, were definitely from Rhode Island.

Notice that my maternal end-of-line’s are all Loyalists.

Those are my end-of-line ancestors in my family tree. Thank you, Randy, for this week’s interesting challenge.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Your Top End-of-Line Ancestors”

  1. I did notice right away that all of the end-of-line ancestors on your mother’s side were Loyalists! Hmm, I wonder if that’s a contributing factor to the fact that they’re the ones you’re stuck on? But I have certainly read that people can trace their Loyalist ancestors, so I have faith in you!

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