Irish Emigrants in North America: Consolidated Edition Parts One to Ten by David Dobson: Book Review

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book for the purposes of review and I have received other books from Genealogical Publishing Company, also for review. However, my opinions are my own and not influenced by outside sources.

David Dobson, I have to say, is one of the most prolific authors/compilers of genealogical records that I know. Genealogical Publishing Company actually has 182 entries under his name!

Irish Emigrants in North America, published in July 2023, is a consolidated facsimile print of the original ten books, now available in one large volume.

This is a fabulous reference book for anyone researching extensive Irish roots. There are literally thousands of names, presented in alphabetical order, with reference citations provided for every entry.

David Dobson provides a 2023 introduction to this new book, explaining a short history of events that led to mass Irish emigration from the 1600s through the 19th century.

There is also a two-page small map of Ireland, including the six counties of Northern Ireland,  and an even smaller one-page map of Ireland as it was in 1848, but both best read with a magnifying glass.

Some entries are quite short and provide only basic details:

Callahan, Cornelius, in Montserrat in 1677-1678

while others have a bit more:

Deane, William, emigrated from Newry to New York on board the Buchanan, Captain Cochrane, October 1765 [with Nesbitt Deane, immediately preceding on the same ship and date]

and, if you are lucky, practically an entire biographical sketch is written up:

Nowlan, Pat, born 1798, with his wife Betty, born 1810, and children Peggy born 1828, James born 1830, Mary born 1831, Mick born 1832, John born 1834, Ellen born 1835, Martin born 1839 and Biddy born 1841, from County Wicklow, emigrated via New Ross, County Wexford, aboard the Star, a 727 ton ship, Captain Baldwin, bound for New Brunswick on 21 April 1848, arrived at St. Andrews, New Brunswick on 28 May 1848

Not all entries relate to migration history. Here is one for a wanted man:

Henney, James, born in Ireland, aged 24, hazel eyes, fair hair, fair complexion, a downcast look, and a swaggering carriage. Genteely dressed in a blue suit, height about 5’8″, has absconded from William Hardie’s brewery and taking away a black pony with harness and carriage. Montreal, 23 May 1823.

There are a few entries for females:

Waring, Margaret, born 1678, from Queen’s County, a four year indentured servant, emigrated via Liverpool to Virginia aboard the Elizabeth of Liverpool, master Gilbert Livesay.

I have to admit I love getting drawn in by BSOs (bright shiny objects) and the entries in this book are fascinating, ranging from reprieved pirates to a Loyalist killed by Indians in 1780 to men shipwrecked off the Capes of Delaware and much more.

This Consolidated Edition is 835 pages long, packed with genealogical details of Irish emigrants and includes a 60-page all name index.

Dobson’s Consolidated Edition isn’t cheap at $85.00. However, this book is an excellent Irish reference and should be in every genealogical library and on the home book shelf of anyone with an extensive interest in the Irish who settled in North America through the centuries.

Irish Emigrants in North America: Consolidated Edition, Parts One to Ten by David Dobson is available to $85.00 and can be ordered online from



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