Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Photos of Your Spouse, Significant Other, or Parent

September is rolling along and it’s time for this week’s challenge on Saturday Night Genealogy Fun with Randy Seaver.

Here it is:

1)  Do you have photos of your spouse, or significant other, or a parent, or a grandparent?  Please share some of them!  Have you collected all of the photos of your spouse/SO/parent/grandparent in a computer file folder?

I’m going to jump back a couple of generations to my maternal grandfather because I have several cute ones when he was young and then a smattering more through his lifetime.

Vernon Tarbox Adams was born 3 May 1899 in Calais, Washington, Maine and died on Pearl Harbor Day, 7 December 1968 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts.

He was the only child of Charles Edwin Adams and Annie Maude Stewart/Stuart, which might account for the early photos taken of him.

Perhaps his first birthday?, 3 May 1900

About 7 years old?, c1906?

High School Graduation, 1917

Vernon with my mom, Doris

Vernon, Hazel and my aunts,
Barbara and Carole, c1946

Grandfather with my brother and me, c1958

Lunch with the Western Union Secretaries-
Retirement 1964

Retirement Dinner

Grandfather only lived 4 years after he retired, passing away at the young age of 69 years of what was then a remarkably rare disease – Creutzfeld-Jakob disease, which later in the 20th century was closely link to Mad Cow Disease.

I adored my grandfather, even more so since my dad’s father died long before I was born. Grandfather was the only grandfather I ever knew and he was a wonderful, kind man.

Thanks, Randy, for this week’s challenge.


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