John Adams, Loyalist, CT & New Brunswick, Canada: Generation 5 – 2X Great Grandchildren, Part 3

NOTE: First and foremost, this is still a work in progress. It’s been at least 20 years since I did a major revision on this family. Many records have been found in that time that tidy up a lot of dates and places, many of which came from family records.

The descendants are listed in ahnentafel order (in birth order of the children of John and Sarah.)

If you are a descendant of John Adams and Sarah Coley and can fill in any more of the question marks, please leave a comment.

These are the known 2X great grandchildren of Loyalists John and Sarah (Coley) Adams through their son Daniel.

Hannah Travis (Rebecca3, Daniel2, John1) was born c1826, New Brunswick, Canada; died 1 August 1900, Oakland, Kennebec, Maine; married Jared Tozier, c1843.

Children of Jared and Hannah (Travis) Tozier:

  1. Rebecca J., born 22 November 1844, Houlton, Aroostook, Maine; died 22 February 1913, Linneus, Aroostook, Maine; married John McMann, c1866
  2. David, born c7 January 1847/49, New Brunswick, Canada; died 1 January 1903, Linneus, Aroostook,, Maine; married Theresa Iona Heath, 28 June 1886, Aroostook County, Maine
  3. Moses A., born c1849, New Brunswick, Canada; died 19 November 1917, Sherman, Aroostook, Maine; unmarried
  4. Jared, born cMay 1851/54, New Brunswick, Canada; died between 1930-1940, probably Penobscot County, Maine; married Lucy Clark, c1877. Their daughter Goldie, was an adopted daughter of “Gerard Tozier” and Lucy J. Tozier in Mattawamkeag, Penboscot, Maine in 1910. His first and last names were mostly wrong in later censuses, but by following wife Lucy, dates can be determined.
  5. Samuel, born c1854, New Brunswick, Canada; died 1933, West Enfield, Penobscot, Maine; married May D. Fitzherbert, c1880
  6. Daniel A., born c1856, New Brunswick, Canada; died after 1870
  7. Charles E., born 7 February 1860, Linneus, Aroostook, Maine; died 22 August 1921, Augusta, Kennebec, Maine; married Minnie Clothilda Gray, 25 October 1880, Lincoln, Penobscot, Maine
  8. Carrie E., born 4 April 1863, Linneus, Aroostook, Maine; died 25 December 1863, Linneus, Aroostook, Maine
  9. Sadie, born 22 February 1865, Aroostook County, Maine; died 13 October 1905, Linneus, Aroostook, Maine; married Alvah Dennis Getchell, 1 March 1893, Mattawamkeag, Penobscot, Maine
  10. Effie Dell, born 10 April 1867, Maine; died 10 September 1955, Westminster, Windham, Vermont; married Jesse Johnson Morgan, 25 October 1884, Penobscot County, Maine

Sarah Ann Travis (Rebecca3, Daniel2, John1) was born January 1838, New Brunswick, Canada; died 1912, Old Town, Penobscot, Maine; married John Campbell, c1858, New Brunswick, Maine. He was born 1830, Scotland; died 1888, Old Town, Penobscot, Maine. He worked for the railroad at that time. In 1900, granddaughter Mary B., born December 1886 lived with her. Charles was likely her father, as he is the only son old enough to have had a daughter born in 1886. In 1900, Sarah reported giving birth to eight children with two surviving. She emigrated to the U.S. in 1866.

Children of John and Sarah (Travis) Campbell:

  1. Charles E., born 1856, New Brunswick, Canada; died 14 December 1894, Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts; married Helen (Nellie) Hobbs, 18 July 1886, Penobscot County, Maine, intentions filed. Charles was naturalized on 25 August 1880, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine. His daughter, Margaret, lived with her grandmother in 1900 in Old Town. Her death record names parents as Charles and Helen Campbell.
  2. Margaret R., born 1866, Maine; died 1887, Old Town, Penobscot, Maine.
  3. Willie, born 1869, Maine; died 1874, Old Town, Penobscot, Maine
  4. Donnie (female, perhaps Denise?), born March 1872, Old Town, Penobscot, Maine; died 7 January 1896, Old Town, Penobscot, Maine of tuberculosis; unmarried.
  5. William John, born 27 March 1876, Maine; died 28 May 1948, Old Town, Penobscot, Maine; married Adeline L. Green, c1909, probably Penobscot County, Maine. They had no children.
  6. George Henry, born March 1880, Maine; died 2 September 1951, Old Town, Penobscot, Maine married Maud Arabell Small, 17 August 1913, Old Town, Penobscot, Maine

Samuel A. Travis (Rebecca3, Daniel2, John1) was born 31 October 1839, Miramichi, Northumberland, New Brunswick, Canada; died 4 October 1893, Mattawamkeag, Penobscot, Maine; married Elnora Reynolds, c1870, probably Old Town, Penobscot, Maine, where they appear in the 1870 census.

Children of Samuel A. and Elnora (Reynolds) Travis:

  1. Victoria Bertha, born 18 December 1871, Canada; died 2 March 1924, Penobscot County, Maine; married Evander William Thomas, 30 September 1903, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts. They had no children.
  2. Lillian Agnes, born 22 August 1876, Penobscot County, Maine; died 23 October 1900, Somerville, Middlesex, Massachusetts, of exhaustion; married James Ralph Lord, 9 August 1899, Somerville, Middlesex, Massachusetts. They had no children.

Huldah Travis (Rebecca3, Daniel2, John1) was born c1843, New Brunswick, Canada; died after 1911 census taken in Queens, New Brunswick, Canada; married John McNamara, 5 April 1869, Penobscot County, Maine. This family had already returned to Hampstead, Queens, New Bruswick, Canada in time for the 1871 census.

Children of John and Huldah (Travis) McNamara:

  1. Alberta Rebecca, born 1870, New Brunswick, Canada; died after 1930 when the family lived in Medford, Middlesex, Massachusetts; married Harry Waldo Coes, 10 June 1896, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada
  2. Mary Ellen, born c1872, Hampstead, Queens, New Brunswick, Canada; died 30 August 1910, Glenwood Kings, new Brunswick, Canada; married David Thomas Bogle, 20 September 1905, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada
  3. Amanda Elizabeth, born c1874, New Brunswick, Canada; after 1907, when the birth of son Ernest Kenneth Logan was registered: married Ernest Narroway Logan, 21 November 1895, Carleton, New Brunswick, Canada
  4. William John, born 15 June 1875, New Brunswick, Canada; died 18 September 1962, Kings, New Brunswick, Canada; unmarried
  5. Frederick Thomas, born c1879, New Brunswick, Canada; died about 10 February 1968, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada; married Myrtle Logan, 7 September 1914, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada
  6. Annie Blanche, born c1881, New Brunswick, Canada; died 1949, Hanson, Plymouth, Massachusetts; married Isaac Joseph Sanville, 15 December 1909, Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts
  7. Charles Edward, born c1883, New Brunswick, Canada; married Ella May Brayden, 17 August 1916, John, New Brunswick, Canada

Jared (Jerry) Travis (Rebecca3, Daniel2, John1) was born August 1847, New Brunswick, Canada; died after 1910, when he lived in Molunkas, Aroostook, Maine and was enumerated as single; married Eliza Savage, c1888.

Child of Jared and Eliza (Savage) Travis:

  1. Nettie E., born April 1890, Aroostook County, Maine; died after 1940, probably Aroostook County, Maine; married James Henry Clark, 1 January 1907, Molunkas, Aroostook, Maine

Next are the 2X great grandchildren of Loyalists John and Sarah (Coley) Adams through son Sturges.


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