Descendants of John Adams, Loyalist, Fairfield County, CT & New Brunswick, Canada: Part 2, Grandchildren

NOTE: First and foremost, this is still a work in progress. It’s been at least 20 years since I did a major revision on this family. Many records have been found in that time that tidy up a lot of dates and places, many of which came from family records.

If you are a descendant of John Adams and Sarah Coley and can fill in any more of the question marks, please leave a comment.

In Part 2 of the descendants of Loyalist John Adams and Sarah Coley, we’ll look at their grandchildren born to their children Jonathan, Hannah, ?John, ?Daniel, Sturges and Thomas.

Jonathan Adams (John1) was born about 1766, presumably in Connecticut. He is buried at Lincoln, Sunbury, New Brunswick, Canada. He married Grace Rideout, daughter of Nicholas Rideout who was at Maugerville before the arrival of the Loyalists, c1795, New Brunswick Canada.

Children of Jonathan and Grace (Rideout) Adams:

1. Nicholas; no further record
2. Edward William, baptized 14 September 1796, Maugerville, Sunbury, New Brunswick, Canada; died after 1870 census, possibly Aroostook County, Maine; married Eleanor Harris, 13 July 1818, Dumfries, York, New Brunswick, Canada.
David, born c1797, New Brunswick, Canada; married Ruhammah Howling, (probably “Howland” as some of that name still lived in Burton in 1851), 13 March 1828, Burton, Sunbury, New Brunswick Canada; of Burton. No further record. David and Sturges petitioned for land in 1837 in Sunbury County, David also petitioned in 1838 and received a grant in 1839.
4. Sarah, born 1798, Lincoln, Sunbury, New Brunswick, Canada; died 7 December 1879, Oromocto, New Brunswick, Canada; married Stephen Kinney, about 28 October 1819, New Brunswick, Canada
5. Sturges A.F., born 1797-1799, New Brunswick, Canada; died 29 September 1877, New Brunswick, Canada. Lived with brother George M. Adams at Lincoln. He is buried at Lower Lincoln Cemetery. In 1821, he or his uncle bought land on Conijo Road from Wilmot. On 3 August 1824, he or his uncle bought 350 acres on the St. John River from James Simonds of St. John for £600. The land was 40 rods wide and 4 miles long. In 1852, he bought 180 acres in Lincoln.
6. Thomas, born 1802, New Brunswick, Canada; died 1871, Linneus, Aroostook, Maine; married Clarissa Corliss, 30 June 1825 at Burton, Sunbury, New Brunswick, Canada. Clarissa was born c1804; died 1876, also Aroostook County, Maine. Stephen Kinney and Edward Adams were witnesses at their marriage.
7. Frances Matilda, born 1804, New Brunswick, Canada; died 8 April 1891; buried at Lower Lincoln Cemetery; married George W. Thomas, 2 July 1825, New Brunswick, Canada
8. Stilwell, born c1806, New Brunswick, Canada; baptized as an adult on 6 March 1827; of Fredericton. No further record.
9. Sophia Ann, born c1809, New Brunswick, Canada; died by 1852, probably New Brunswick, Canada; married Solomon Sewell, 6 November 1834, New Brunswick, Canada
10. George Martin, born 25 January 1812/13, Lincoln, Sunbury, New Brunswick, Canada; died 24 March 1892, New Brunswick, Canada; buried at Lower Lincoln Cemetery; married Mary Hayward, 30 March 1848, York, New Brunswick, Canada

Hannah Adams (John1) was born about 1768, probably in Connecticut; death date is unknown, but she is not found in the 1851 census. The newspaper announcement in 1837 pertained to another Hannah Segee unless the name of her husband was reported incorrectly in the obituary; married William Segee on 19 February 1789, Maugerville, Sunbury, New Brunswick, Canada. William was born 1767 in Tomahawk, Cortland, New York; died 4 May 1841, Fredericton, York, New Brunswick, Canada. His death notice was published in the New Brunswick Sentinel and Advertiser.

Children of William and Hannah (Adams) Segee:

1. Joseph Coley, born 1790, New Brunswick, Canada; died 18 February 1861, Fredericton, York, New Brunswick, Canada, aged 71. He is listed in the 1851 census in Fredericton on page one living alone
2. Sarah, born 1791; died before 1851; reportedly married John Kendall. He was born 1784 in the U.S. He came to New Brunswick in 1830 and was widowed by 1851. No children were at home with him at that time.
3. James Smith, born 1793, New Brunswick, Canada; reportedly died in 1836
4. Lucy, born 1797, New Brunswick, Canada; reportedly died in 1839
5. Mercy, born 1800, New Brunswick, Canada; reportedly died in 1810
6. Matilda, born c1801, New Brunswick, Canada; died 11 November 1850, Fredericton, York, New Brunswick, Canada; married John Fradsham, 12 February 1824, Fredericton, York, New Brunswick, Canada. He was born c1796, Bristol, England and was a hotel keeper.
7. Thomas H., born 1803/05, New Brunswick, Canada; died 30 March 1876, Lincoln, Sunbury, New Brunswick, Canada, in his 72nd year; married Margaret McGinchey, 14 February 1828, Fredericton, York, New Brunswick, Canada. She was born about 1811/13; died after 22 November 1878. There is an unusual announcement in the 22 November 1878 issue of the newspaper that says the “widow of Thomas H. Segee, living with son Joseph mysteriously disappeared in the even of Friday 15th. She is 67.” No further mention is made of her or her disappearance.
8. Mary, born 1805, New Brunswick, Canada; died 27 March 1849, Fredericton, York, New Brunswick, Canada, aged 44; married Nathaniel Beattie, reportedly in Fredericton, York, Ne Brunswick, Canada
9. William, born 4 November 1809, New Brunswick, Canada; died 15 March 1896, New Brunswick, Canada; married (1) Mary Creighton, 18 October 1834, Fredericton, York, New Brunswick, Canada (2) Emeline Byram, 23 September 1848, Westfield, Kings, New Brunswick, Canada
10. Charlotte Maria, born 11 February 1812, New Brunswick, Canada; died 28 December 1881, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts; married John Morrill. He was born 1803, New Hampshire; died after 1851. He emigrated to New Brunswick in 1826.

John Adams (John1) was born in 1771, probably in Connecticut; died 21 March 1820, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada; buried at the Old Burying Ground in St. John; married (1) Artemissia Ives, 15 June 1797, Maugerville, Sunbury, New Brunswick, Canada and is possibly the same man who married (2) Elizabeth (MNU), born 1774 and died 8 February 1836, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada. Her obituary identifies her as the widow of John, aged 62, and is buried near St. Stephen’s Church, Kings Square. He lived at St. John and a Royal Gazette obituary said he “died on Sunday morning last. From the effects of a paralytic stroke, much regretted by his numerous friends and acquaintances Mr. John Adams aged 49 years.”

Children of John Adams, Mothers Uncertain:

1. Daughter
2. Elizabeth, married Michael Lowrey, 3 August 1823, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada. She is identified as the second daughter of the late John Adams.

Daniel Adams (John1), born c1772, Connecticut; died by 1828, probably at Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; married Sarah Ives, 30 September 1794, Maugerville, Sunbury, New Brunswick, Canada. Sarah was born c1775, Connecticut; died after 1850 census, probably Linneus, Aroostook, Maine. In 1795, Daniel Adams bought from Steven Kinney (living in Burton at the time) 100 acres southeast side of Oromocto. Daniel and Sarah bought 100 acres from David Ives for £5.

  Children of Daniel and Sarah (Ives) Adams:

 1. Sarah (Farmer?); born c1801, New Brunswick Canada; married John/Jonathan Ingham, 26 February 1822. Sarah died about 2 October 1847, New Orleans, Louisiana, of yellow fever, aged 53, widow of John and sister of the late Thomas Adams of St. John, Canada
2. Rebecca, born c1803, New Brunswick, Canada; died 10 February 1894, Linneus, Aroostook, Maine; married Moses Travis, 26 January 1824, Northesk, Northumberland, New Brunswick, Canada
3. Thomas, died before 2 October 1847, St. John, Canada

Sturges Adams (John1) was born in 1777 in Connecticut, according to the census information provided by his children for place of birth of their father; died 12 January 1827; buried at Calais, Washington, Maine with his wife and son; married Lydia Brawn/Brown, c1807. The Brawns/Browns were born in New Brunswick, but were reportedly from Lubec, Washington, Maine. Lydia was born 1787, New Brunswick, Canada; died 9 January 1866, Calais, Washington, Maine, aged 79 years. She married (2) John Foster, 15 September 1831. He was born 1769-1776 based on ages in the U.S. and Canadian censuses; died 20 September 1867, reportedly aged 98 years. John Foster was a Loyalist who emigrated to New Brunswick in 1783. John Foster, Lydia Brawn Adams Foster and Sturges Adams are buried in one plot in Calais Cemetery, Calais, Washington, Maine. Sarah and Caroline lived with brother Sturges in Calais in 1860 in a separate household from their parents.

Children of Sturges and Lydia (Brawn) Adams:

 1. Frederick, born 1808, New Brunswick, Canada; died 14 January 1887, Deer Island, New Brunswick, Canada; married Mary Anne Barnes, 6 October 1829. She was born 1809; died after 1871.
2. Rhoda, born 1810, New Brunswick, Canada; died 1851-1861; married Ebenezer Greenlaw, 15 September 1829, Eastport, Washington, Maine.
3. James J., born 10 October 1812, Adams Island, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada; died after 1891, probably Deer Island, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada; married Jane Smith, 8 November 1832, New Brunswick, Canada
4. Thomas B., born 1814, Adams Island, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada; died 16 December 1882, Eastport, Washington, Maine; married Harriet Lloyd, c1840
5. Caroline Matilda, born October 1817, Adams Island, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada; died 25 March 1905, Riverside, Riverside, California, but buried in Humboldt County, California, with her husband; married Robert Crawford Buntain, after 1860. Robert was born 21 January 1822, Prince Edward Island, Canada; died 29 March 1887, Eureka, Humboldt, California; buried at Myrtle Grove Memorial Cemetery, Eureka, Humboldt, California. He was a ship’s carpenter. Harriet Adams Cappers says “Aunt Caddy” was the first woman to be operated on for cataracts at General Hospital. She had one adopted daughter, Fanny. Caroline was enumerated as a daughter of stepfather John Foster in 1851, West Isles, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada. Robert was a registered voter in San Diego, California from 1882-1884. On the voting register, it is reported that Robert was became naturalized in October 1856 at Washington County Court, Maine. Caddy and Robert had no children.
6. Sarah Jane, born 1824, Adams Island, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada; reportedly died 15 September 1886, Eureka, Humboldt, California, but no cemetery information has been found for her; unmarried. She is not buried at Myrtle Grove Cemetery, where Robert Buntain is buried unless she is in an unmarked grave. Sarah was also enumerated as a daughter of John Foster in 1851.
7. Sturges W., born 1826, Adams Island, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada; died 28 January 1909, Calais, Washington, Maine; buried at Calais Cemetery; married (1) Eliza G. Knight, 11 July 1864 (2) Martha B. Horne, 2 October 1877 (3) Emma H. Young, April 1894. In the 1880 census of Calais, he was a joiner/carpenter. According to Calais marriage records, he applied on 9 July 1864 to marry Mary J. It is not known if this is the same person as Eliza, who was born February 1840 and died 2 June 1871; she is buried at Calais Cemetery with Sturges. Sturges was enumerated as Sturges W. Foster in 1851 in the home of his stepfather, John Foster.

Thomas Adams (John1) was born in 1783 in New Brunswick, Canada. His birth was probably in the fall since the fleet sailed to New Brunswick from New York in September. He was a fisherman according to son Daniel’s death certificate and he died in July 1859, Calais, Washington, Maine, probably while living with son, Daniel Adams. He married Sarah Brawn/Brown, 28 August 1803, Maugerville, Sunbury, New Brunswick, Canada. She was related to his brother Sturges’s wife (probably aunt/niece, although they were close in age). Sarah was born in 1786 and died after 1851. In the 1851 census of Canada, Thomas gave his trade as ship builder and was living on Adams Island.

 Children of Thomas and Sarah (Brawn) Adams:

1. John, born c1804, New Brunswick, Canada; died after 1861; married Mary Ann Kyles, c1827. She was born c1806; died after 1861.
2. Elizabeth Ann, born January1809, New Brunswick, Canada; died 6 June 1878, Eastport, Washington, Maine; married James Greenlaw, 13 September 1828, Eastport, Washington, Maine. James was born 18 February 1802; died 23 March 1868, Eastport, Washington, Maine.
3. Daniel, born November 1810, Adams Island, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada; died 8 February 1893, Calais, Washington, Maine; married Sarah Ann Parker, 15 September 1836, New Brunswick, Canada. She was born 24 January 1817, New Brunswick, Canada; died 7 February 1900, Calais, Washington, Maine.
4. Charles Edward, born 1812, New Brunswick, Canada; died before 1849, probably New Brunswick, Canada; married Catherine Stuart, 2 August 1836, Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada
5. James, born c1813, New Brunswick, Canada; died after 1881; married (1) Mary Jane Parker, She was born c1815; died after 1871. (2) Elizabeth (MNU), between 1871-1881. She was born c1826, New Brunswick, Canada.
6. Caroline, born c1820, New Brunswick, Canada; reportedly married George Holland; no further record
7. Henry Edwin, born 1820, New Brunswick, Canada; died 1873, Deer Island, New Brunswick, Canada; married Louisa Eunice Leeman, 26 September 1844, New Brunswick, Canada.
8. Thomas W., born 1829, New Brunswick, Canada; no further record

?James Adams (John1) was born c1790; died 20 February 1847, Truro, Nova Scotia. The Truro obituary identified him as James Adams, Esq., formerly of St. John, aged 57. This man may or may not be the son of John the Loyalist. However, John the Loyalist’s son, John, is also thought to have lived in St. John, so it is possible. He married Elizabeth Moffatt (1795-1838).

Children of James Adams and Mothers Uncertain:

1. James, born 1816; died 6 February 1840
2. Elizabeth, married John Buchanan, 4 July 1837
3. Ann, youngest daughter, married James Howe, 22 February 1848

Next, we’ll follow the great grandchildren of Loyalists John and Sarah (Coley) Adams.

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