Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Who Is Your LAST Immigrant Ancestor?

July is rolling along and it’s time for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun with Randy Seaver.

This week’s challenge is a really easy one for me:

1)  Which of your ancestors was the LAST immigrant to your current country?  When did they arrive?  Where did they arrive?  Why did they migrate?  
My most recent immigrant ancestor is also the one who lived in the United states for the shortest period of time, my paternal great grandmother, Anna (Murcko) Scerbak (1872-1967).
I haven’t yet found Anna on any passenger list. However, Michael Scerbak, her husband, departed from Hamburg, Germany on 18 May 1890 on the S.S. Bohemia, a steamship, and likely arrived at Castle Garden a couple of weeks later. He immediately settled in Passaic and went to work in the mills.
I don’t believe Anna came to New Jersey prior to Michael’s arrival. However, they married on 22 October 1892 at St. Michael’s Greek Catholic Church in Passaic, Passaic, New Jersey.
Given that Ellis Island opened to immigrants on 1 January 1892, I am not even sure if Anna entered the United States through Castle Garden or Ellis Island.
However, from stories my Nana (Julia Scerbak Sabo) told me, her mother didn’t like living in Passaic – she said the air was bad. Smart lady, since she could see the daily pollution produced by the mills and watched friends and family who came down with tuberculosis while working in the factories.
She convinced Michael to move back to the village – Udol, Slovakia.
Sometime between Christmas 1897 (when son Peter was born in Passaic) and June 1899 (when their daughter Maria was born in Udol), the young family left Passaic and made the return voyage back home.
Although Michael returned to New Jersey at least a couple of times (one of which I’ve documented in 1912), per my grandmother’s information, to earn money to take back home, Anna (Murcko) Scerbak never again returned to America. She lived a good long life, passing away on 28 June 1967, aged 95 years old.
Thanks, Randy, for this week’s challenge.

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  1. That’s interesting that you have an immigrant who went back to live. My husband’s great-grandfather returned to Sweden several times but only to visit.

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