Henry Champeon of Dexter, Maine, c1890s

Henry Champeon, Dexter, Maine, c1890s

The photograph of this handsome young man is another that I wasn’t able to pass up on eBay.

He is Henry H. Champeon, born in November 1869, probably in Dexter, Penobscot, Maine or close by. Henry married late in life, as in 1900, he was living at home with his widowed mother, Sarah (Palmer), and was 33 years old. His father was William S. Champeon. Henry had one brother, Frank, who was ten years older than him.

The Champeons made their living at farming.

The 1930 census enumerated Henry, his wife, and children.

Source: FamilySearch

Henry appears as Henry H. in the census, but daughter Elizabeth’s birth record names him as William Henry Champeon.

Henry and Mazie Trask married in Exeter on 13 July 1914. Henry reportedly died in Dexter in 1964. I have no information about when Mazie passed away, other than she was living at the time of the 1940 census.

Henry and Mazie E. (Trask) were the parents of six children:

1. Elizabeth M., born 31 August 1917, Dexter, Penobscot, Maine; died 14 October 1972, apparently unmarried.
2. Arlene Earnestine, born 22 January 1921, Dexter, Penobscot, Maine; died 6 May 2008. Arlene has descendants, so I am not including any further details about her.
3. Carolina Mae, born 5 November 1922, Dexter, Penobscot, Maine. She apparently married Mr. Perrin by August 1962 and married Mr. Payne before she died in February 1996. It is unknown whether she has descendants.
4. Virginia I., born c1925. She isn’t found after the 1930 census and may have died young.
5. Dennis L., born 26 January 1926, Maine; died 24 May 2004. No further information.
6. Joseph, born 22 June 1930, Maine; died 21 June 2008. No further information.

The good news is that Henry Champeon’s picture has gone home to one of his descendants. 🙂

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