Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: How Are You Saving Family Photographs and Home Movies?

We’re almost half way through June and summer is almost here. It’s time for this week’s SNGF challenge with Randy Seaver on Genea-Musings. The post title says it all:

1)  Almost all genealogists have family photographs and/or home movies of their ancestors, relatives, and friends handed down over the generations.  
2)  What steps have you taken to obtain, save and pass on those photographs or home movies to your family members?

My father was an only child and, although my mother had two siblings, one didn’t marry and has no descendants.
I am also the oldest grandchild and the only one who showed any interest in the family history when my grandparents were living, so I’ve become the keeper of family photos on both sides of my family. No one ever took any home movies, so those were never a consideration.
The photographs are in two collections – one, with the original paper photos – are in archival quality albums with slipcovers and are kept in a closet away from sunlight and the Arizona heat.
The second collection is digital. Every photo and document has been scanned and saved, on my computer, on a flash drive, on an external hard drive and backed up in the cloud by IDrive and Backblaze! Digital copies will survive!
My son doesn’t seem to have an interest in caring for any of these old family items. However, my maternal cousins have children and grandchildren and I plan to pass on the albums to them.
I have no first cousins on my paternal side, but I do have second cousins who are interested in genealogy and the rest of my albums will go to them.
Thanks, Randy, for this week’s challenge.

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