James Brown (c1838-1901+) & Jane Leckey (c1843-1885), Queens, New Brunswick, Canada

This is the final post covering the Colwell/Caldwell and Brown families who settled in Queens County, New Brunswick, Canada.

These families are collateral lines in my family tree – I am not related to any of them and do not have any additional information about these people.

James Brown’s family has not one, but three links, to the family of Robert and Sarah (MNU) Colwell, who arrived in New Brunswick in the 1820s, reportedly from County Londonderry, Ireland.

James Brown, although born in New Brunswick, Canada, c1838, was the son of Guias Brown and MIss Fleming, whose children also reported in Canadian censuses that their parents were born in Ireland.

While the senior Colwells and Browns may have been born in Ireland, both families are Protestant and, with Robert Colwell reportedly from Londonderry, Northern Ireland, I believe both these families might have Scots-Irish origins, having left Scotland in the early 1700s.

James Brown married Jane Leckey, c1863, probably in Queens, New Brunswick, Canada. She was the daughter of Hugh and Elizabeth (MNU) Leckey, who were also both born in Ireland and also settled in New Brunswick early on. However, the Leckeys reported being of Scots origin, which supports my theory that all three families were Scots-Irish.

James and Jane were parents of nine children:

1. Lorenzo Augustus, born c1864; died 3 February 1882 of consumption, Chipman, Queens, New Brunswick, Canada; unmarried
2. Violet M., born c1866; died 23 May 1890 from influenza, Queens, New Brunswick, Canada; unmarried
3. Moses Reuben, born 8 August 1866; died 12 August 1916, Queens, New Brunswick, Canada; married Delphine Colwell, 27 November 1894, Queens, New Brunswick, Canada. Delpine was the daughter of Robert Colwell and Annie Day.
4. John Albert, born c1869; died 16 August 1903 of inanition (exhaustion caused by lack of nourishment), Rollinsford, Strafford, New Hampshire; married (1) Charlotte J. Crawford, 22 September 1890, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada (2) Eliza M. Campbell, 28 November 1900, Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts
5. Rosilla J., born c1872; died 8 November 1893, Queens, New Brunswick, Canada; unmarried. Her death notice says she left a father, 3 brothers and 2 sisters.
6. James, born c1874; died after 1901, when he was unmarried and living with his father.
7. Florence Amelia, born December 1876; died 7 November 1939, Queens, New Brunswick, Canada; married James Walter Colwell, 27 November 1894, Queens, New Brunswick, Canada. James was also the son of Robert Colwell and Annie Day.
8. Alberta E., born November 1879; died after 1921; married Robert Porter Colwell, 28 February 1895. Robert was the third children of Robert Colwell and Annie Day to marry children of James and Jane Brown.
9. Laura A., born July 1881; died 25 March 1882, Queens, New Brunswick, Canada

Of the nine children of James and Jane (Leckey) Brown, four died young and unmarried and a fifth, James Jr., was unmarried as of 1901. What became of him is not known.

However, the other four siblings married, had children and have descendants today.

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