The New & Improved DAR Library Website Catalog

The DAR Library in Washington, DC is a world class genealogical library with a focus on American historical research. Did you know that being a DAR member is NOT a requirement to visit the library either in person or to browse its online catalog?

The DAR Library recently announced that a new software program, Primo, has been instituted to make searching the library catalog much easier.

To try out the new features, first visit the new online catalog.

Next, click on Open Library Catalog and the new search box will open:

There is a short description below the search box, highlighting some of the new search features. Use the box to search the library catalog.

Note that the catalog is in Beta testing.

I entered “Stufflebean” as a search term. Among the hits that appeared were not only items I had donated to the DAR Library, but also quite a few results for books in which a Stufflebean family member is mentioned. Pretty neat!

Be aware that many of the DAR Library resources – like all the books – are only accessible in person. On the other hand, remember that most books aren’t unique, one-of-a-kind. A DAR Library search might turn up new-to-you books that not only pertain to your research, but might be found at a library near you or, better yet, found in a digitized version online.

Primo even offers a “Virtual Shelf” glance so you can look at titles of other nearby books on the library shelves.

Although Primo is in Beta testing, I had no problems with any of my searches.

Check out the DAR Library website catalog using the new Primo software. It’s so easy to use!


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