FamilySearch Library: Exploring & Understanding the Resources Available to Researchers – RootsTech 2023

RootsTech 2023 live and in-person has now stepped into the pages of history. However, one of the positives to come from the pandemic is the proliferation of online learning opportunities.

FamiySearch and RootsTech has led the way in global hybrid genealogy conferences and in maintaining online access to its recorded sessions. Therefore, if you were unable to attend in person in Salt Lake City or missed the hybrid portion from home, it’s not too late to watch recorded class sessions ON DEMAND.

Just log in to your RootsTech account, or create a free account, and access to classes will be at your fingertips.

Today, though, I’d like to share my takeaways from a session presented by David Rencher and Lynn Turner:  FamilySearch Library: Exploring & Understanding the Resources Available to Researchers.

Experienced FamilySearch researchers might easily pass over this session, thinking the target audience is beginners. Not so!

Perhaps a slight edit to the title, adding the words What’sNew, would more appropriately describe this talk from which everyone would gain new information.


  • Many changes have taken place in the FamilySearch Library during the last few years, both in layout and information organization and accessibility
  • FamilySearch Online – now has TWO catalogs – the FamilySearch Library Catalog (\library), specific to items in the FamilySearch Library in Salt Lake City and the general FamilySearch Catalog (, which all are used to accessing. Neither catalog is going away!

The FamilySearch Library catalog is currently being updated, while the general FamilySearch catalog will be updated at a future time.

  • Maps & Pedigrees – Collection of 20,000 items is currently being digitized

  • Learning Resources – 1200+ videos online, calendar of live classes and webinars plus RootsTech archive of past classes
  • Memory Lane – Check out the Family Memory Preservation Center if you are in Salt Lake City and have family history items to digitize (free service)

  • Look Up Service – free, for those who can’t come to the library in person, but need a document, article, etc. from an item in FamilySearch Library
  • Online Consultation – Need professional guidance? Learn how to find/use a collection, free service

In short, FamilySearch has expanded its services and accessibility for both in-person and online user experiences. I recommend taking the time to listen to the full presentation by David Rencher and Lynn Turner.  Note: This link will work if you are logged into your RootsTech account.


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  1. I just got around to reading this post. I had no idea there are two catalogs. Thanks for pointing that out!

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