Thomas Millett & Mary Greenway, MA, 1635

Thomas Millett and his wife Mary Green(a)way arrived in Massachusetts with their young son, Thomas,  on the Elizabeth in 1635.

Two articles detailing their English origins were published by Paul C. Reed, FASG and Leslie Mahler : The Correct English Origin of Thomas Millett of Dorchester, Massachusetts and The Correct English Origin of Thomas Millett of Dorchester, Massachusetts, Part Two, in The American Genealogist [Volume 75, pages 81-93 and 310-319] in 2000.

From the research done by Mr. Reed and Mr. Mahler, much has been learned about the Millett family, so much so that the line has been documented back to the mid-1500s.

Today’s post covers the life and family of Thomas and Mary (Greenway) Millett.

Thomas Millett was baptized 24 October 1604, Newbury, Berkshire, England, the son of John Millett and Eleanor Pritchard.

Mary Green(a)way was baptized on 5 November 1605 at Mildenhall, Wilshire, England, the daughter of John and Mary (MNU) Greenaway, who also emigrated to Massachusetts, settling in Dorchester,

The two villages are 25 miles apart, but Thomas and Mary may have met in Southwark, Surrey, where they married at St. Saviour on 1 May 1629.

Thomas was a tailor by trade and two children were born to them before they made the decision to leave England for a new life in Massachusetts.

Thomas had some degree of education as he served as the town clerk of Dorchester and was known to have preached both in Brookfield, Worcester, Massachusetts and Gloucester, where he died between 3 June 1675, when he sold land, and 23 September 1676, when his estate administration began.

Thomas’s brother John was a minister in England.

Mary (Greenway) Millitt died 5 June 1682, Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts.


  1. John, baptized 6 May 1630, St. Saviour, Southwrk, England; died soon
  2. Thomas, baptized 16 August 1632, St. Saviour, Southwark, England; married (1) Mary Eveleth, 21 May 1655, Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts and (2) Abigail (Colt) Eveleth, widow of Isaac Eveleth, by 1689
  3. John, born 8 July 1635, Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts; married Sarah Leach, 3 July 1663, Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts
  4. Jonathan, born 27 July 1638; died 15 August 1638, both in Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts
  5. Mary, born 26 August 1639, Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts; married Thomas Riggs, 7 June 1658, Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts
  6. Mehitable, born 14 March 1641/42, Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts; married Isaac Elwell, by 1666
  7. Nathaniel, born c1644; married Ann Lester, daughter of Andrew Lester, 3 May 1670, Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts
  8. ?Bethiah, born c1646; died 15 April 1669;  married Moses Eyres, 3 August 1666, Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts. [There is no other Millet family to which Bethiah could belong, but her son Moses Eyres was not included in the estate agreement of her father, Thomas.]

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