Rosa, Ona & Jesse Morrison, Gentry Co., MO, 1889

When I saw this photo for sale online, I loved it. There were notes on the back about the Morrison siblings from Huggins, Gentry County, Missouri.

Sister Rose was on the left with Ona on the right and baby brother Jesse sitting in the big chair.

It said “Dad’s” siblings, too, and noted that Jesse was born 11 July 1888, so the photograph was taken about 1889.

A quick look at databases quickly located the family of George D. Morrison, born 30 October 1845 in Pennsylvania and Sarah J. Pettit, born 14 May 1851 in Indiana.

They were not the parents of three children, but of seven with Rosa, Ona and Jesse being the youngest of their surviving children. Two, Ella and Henry, died in infancy.


1. Alfred A., born October 1871; died 1940; married Loucetta Swan Straley, 1 January 1896, Gentry County, Missouri. They were the parents of four children – two sons and two daughters.
2. Ella F., born 1874; died 18 December 1875
3. Oliver Monroe, born 5 November 1876; died 22 January 1958; married Marguerite Alma Hunsicker and lived in Harrison County, Missouri. They were the parents of three sons.
4. Rosa D., born 4 March 1878; died 9 January 1950; married Howard Adams, 28 November 1898. They were the parents of three daughters and two sons.
5. Ona May, born 27 February 1882; died 16 May 1947; married (1) William O. Harald, 24 December 1905 (2) Peyton B. Basham. Ona was the mother of two sons.
6. Henry, born 16 April 1887; died 14 July 1887
7. Jesse Dallas, born 11 July 1888; died 1950; married Grace L. Wilson, 27 December 1908. Jesse and Grace were the parents of two daughters and one son.

I won’t add further details because it brings the family into very modern times.

The fact that the inscription on back said the photo was of “Dad’s” siblings indicates that this photo wasn’t passed down through the children of Rosa or Ona.

Also, since Alfred and Oliver aren’t in the photo, I tend to believe that this image was passed down through Jesse’s children.

However, I have located descendants and this mint condition photograph has gone home to Rosa’s branch of the family.

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