Joyce Louise Hakes & Newell Lewis Upham, 1896 Photo Going Home

This beautiful cabinet card photograph is in such mint condition that if you told me it was taken yesterday, I’d almost believe you!

Onawa, in Monona County, Iowa is a small town, less than 2,000 residents in 1900 and fewer than 3,000 today, is know for two things. First, it has the widest main street in the United States (I guess someone actually measures those things) and second, it housed 5,400 German prisoners of war during World War II. That is a totally unexpected historical fact!

As for the subjects of today’s photo, Newell Lewis Upham and Joyce Louise Hakes, quite a lot has been discovered about their family.

Newell and Joyce were first cousins, through Newell’s father, Alfred F. Upham and Joyce’s mother, Edna Daisy Upham.

Athough both of these families were small, there are some descendants today.

Albert Watkins Hakes and Edna Daisy Upham were the parents of:

1. Joyce Louise, born 13 February 1896 (noted on the back of the photo
2. Willard J., born November 1898
3. Thurston Dudley, born May 1902
4. Kenneth Lynn, born 30 July 1912

The Hakes family moved multiple times, living in Iowa, South Dakota and Minnesota.

Joyce married Albert Schroeder. They were the parents of one known son, Robert D. Schroeder, who died in 2002 and appears to never have married.

Therefore, I don’t believe that baby Joyce in this photo has any living descendants today.

Alfred E. Upham and wife Alvira Johnson were the parents of three children:

  1. Terry Edward, born 1873
  2. Edna Daisy, born 1877
  3. Newell Lewis, born 30 June 1885 (noted on back of photo)

Newell went on to marry Mina Belle Vance and they were the parents of one known child, a daughter, Mary M., who married Gray E. Dugan.

Gray and Mary were the parents of two daughters, Shirley and Faye. Shirley married Ralph K. Holte and apparently they had no children.

Faye married and had two daughters, both living today.

From this, it is learned that while Joyce’s and Newell’s siblings also have descendants, the only ones in either direct line are the grandchildren of Newell.

Therefore, this photo has gone home to one of them. I hope it is cherished.

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