Black History Month: More DAR Library Online Resources

One of the reasons I think the DAR Library and blog gets overlooked by many researchers is because they believe there’s nothing much available for non-DAR members.

If you are one of the people who believes that, you are missing out on a world class collection of genealogical resources.

I’ve blogged about the DAR Library in the past – DAR Library Resources  and the DAR Magazine Digital Archive.

However, the library collection has amazing depth and more of its collection is being digitized all the time.

One of the best ways to learn about these resources is through news published on the DAR Blog. Yes, often the news is of more interest to DAR members, but much is also of interest to researchers.

A recent post was all about the resources available to pursue African-American heritage during Black History Month: DAR Celebrates Black History Month – Research and Resources.

There is a lengthy list of links all related to Patriots of Color. You may not yet know if your ancestor helped the cause for American independence, but the range of resources will help determine if someone in your family was a Patriot.

If you’d like to follow the DAR Blog, just add it to your feedly list.

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