Black History Month GeneaGem: DAR Patriots of Color Database

The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution has a world class library housed in its buildings in Washington, DC.

However, DAR is keeping up with the times and is adding more and more digital content to its online databases.

In April 2008, Forgotten Patriots: African American and American Indian Patriots in the Revolutionary War was published by the Society and was completely sold out by 2010.

A PDF version of the book (a massive 874 pages) was created and a supplement added in 2012.

In spite of those publications, this treasure chest of names is still an under-used genealogical resource.

The decision was made to transition to a searchable online database and that project has come to fruition.

Notice the fourth entry – Forgotten Patriots Research Guide. Click and you will have access to both the PDF version of the original book plus the supplement, covering 2008-2011.

Next, click on the Patriots of Color link (third entry in the list above). Two search choices are provided. Surnames will open a page with A-Z links to view further search choices.

Searching by State/Source also opens further search options.

I recommend spending some time browsing through this database. While you may or may not have an idea about an ancestor’s Revolutionary War service, placing a focus on surnames, for example, might lead you to other research clues.

This is a real GeneaGem for those searching Patriots of Color.

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