Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Where Are Your “Close DNA Matches” Residing?

It’s time for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun with Randy Seaver.

This week’s challenge is based on one of The Legal Genealogist Judy G. Russell’s recent posts:

1) Judy Russell wrote Those spreading genes two weeks ago, highlighting the countries that her close DNA matches (with 20 cM or more) are currently residing, based on her Ancestry DNA matches.  
2)   On the AncestryDNA Match List page, you can select “Close Matches” in the “Shared DNA” button.  Then click on the “Location” link to see a world map with that set of matches.  You will have to count some or all of them by hand.  
3)  Can you work with your “Close DNA Matches” and find the countries that your close matches are residing?
My number of AncestryDNA matches is relatively low, compared to many people. I have a total of 22,440 matches, but only 1,041 are considered “Close Matches.”
My map is very limited in locations:
I have but two close matches outside of North America and they are both in England. However, one of those matches is actually a Rusyn connection from Slovakia who is living in the U.K.
Drilling down a bit deeper, I have only 237 North American matches, for a total of 239 matches who have identified their locations.
This isn’t a surprise to me. I have looked at more distant matches and several live in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.
However, for the close matches, the results are pretty much what I expected.
Thanks, Randy, for this week’s challenge and to Judy Russell for her post.

One thought on “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Where Are Your “Close DNA Matches” Residing?”

  1. Your larger numbers are centered around New England. I only had a few there. It just goes to show that people move around.

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