Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Your 2023 Genealogy Goals

Here we are in the brand new year of 2023 and it’s time for the very first Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge with Randy Seaver.

It’s a very timely theme this week:

1)  Have you made genealogy goals for 2023?  What are they?  Which one would you be most excited to see accomplished?
It so happens that I published my 2023 genealogy goals last Thursday and they are basically updated versions of my previous goals in 2022.
I think the one that would excite me the most to accomplish is Goal #4. Here is part of the outline:

4. Clean up my source citations in RootsMagic.

This is the goal that will most definitely fill my time! I decided last year that, with the learning curve in RM8 and my previous reluctance to take on this project, that I am better able to stick with this clean up using RootsMagic 7.

When I finish, I will then create a gedcom, load it into RootsMagic 8 and then learn the nuances and outright changes to be found in RM8.

This project is much bigger than it might seem because I decided it also means adding in the ancestors, mostly collateral, that have accumulated in multiple Word files that I’ve created in the past – Adams, Astle, Miller, Whitmer and Molin all come to mind.

I have made an excellent start on this goal this month, but with the amount of work to do – and my husband’s tree duplicating the clean up steps, I might not be able to 100% finish this goal by the end of next year.

However, I am motivated and will put a lot of energy into attaining it.

A side goal, definitely related to genealogy, but not on my original list, is to make a concerted effort to start playing with and understanding how to use the (in my opinion) dumb and clunky Gutenberg blocks, which are being promoted by WordPress.

The company committed to supporting Classic WordPress through 2022 and I am afraid that they might decide to end that support. Therefore, by 2024 at the latest, I need to be ready to make the style switchover.

At the moment, I am using a plug in that maintains the Classic format. I can turn it on or off at will, so I can play with the new format and then revert to Classic for my current posts to go live. If and when I disable the Classic plug in, WordPress will require me to use Gutenberg.

We’ll see how that learning project moves along.

Thanks you, Randy, for kicking off 2023 Saturday Night Genealogy Fun!

One thought on “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Your 2023 Genealogy Goals”

  1. Good luck with learning the new WordPress. I’ve been using it at our AppGen website. It’s frustrating at first, but you’ll get the hang of it.
    I need to do the same with my RootsMagic sources. I tend to pick a family and work on them. I use freeform. So often, when I create a citation outside of RM, I just paste that citation into the notes area, to deal with later.

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