Johan George Krieger & Catherina Ludwig, Stokes County, NC & Their Family

Johan George Krieger is the youngest son of Nicholas Krieger and Catharina Maria (Borger?) of North Carolina in the 1700s.

He was reportedly born 12 July 1759, but whether in Pennsylvania or Maryland is uncertain. He married Catharina Ludwig, daughter of Philip Ludwig, probably in June 1783, as a request was made to the Moravian Church to publish banns on 18 May 1783.

Banns are normally published three Sundays in a row with the wedding held shortly afterwards.

Although George joined the Moravian Church, possibly because other siblings did the same, he apparently left the church in 1822:

This undated letter form the church archivist also states that Catharina Ludwig died [23 October – per original gravestone] 1820.

Another possible reason for George leaving the church is the fact that his son George was “cut off from the congregation” just three days after his wedding in 1814 when he married outside the Moravian faith:

George married (2) Sarah Hunter, possibly a daughter or other relative of John Hunter, who died in 1803 in Stokes County. The wedding date for this couple mystified many for a long time, as Sarah applied for a widow’s pension based on George Krieger’s service in the Revolutionary War, stating they had married in 1798.

However, it was eventually determined that Sarah lied about the date because the current law at the time required widows to have been married before 1800.

The law was amended in the 1850s, about the time that Sally made her application. Eventually, it was determined the couple married about 1828. The 1830 census for George includes one female, aged 50-60.

George wrote his will in 1831, but it wasn’t proved in court until September 1841, so George died shortly before that time.

George and Catherina were the parents of ten children, nine of whom lived to adulthood, married and had children, all named in their father’s will. However, none of his daughters are identified by married names in it.


1. Mary, born c1784; died after 1860, probably Forsyth County, North Carolina, where she lived with the Nathaniel and Lavia Pfaff family; married Frederick Wolff, 16 September 1802, Stokes County, North Carolina.
2. Peter, born c1784; died after 1850, when he was 66, or after 1860, when one Peter Kreeger is enumerated as 65 years old. His gravestone wasn’t placed until 1982. He married Martha London, 31 March 1828, Stokes County, North Carolina. she died before 1850.
3. Elizabeth, born c1786; died between 1850-1860, probably Surry County, North Carolina; married Jacob Spainhour, 20 December 1807, Stokes County, North Carolina.
4. Jacob, born 30 August 1788; died 5 October 1844; married Mary Fulp, 15 December 1813, Stokes County, North Carolina. He is buried at the Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church Cemetery in Forsyth County, North Carolina.
5. Catharina Anna, born c1790; died after 1860, probably Forsyth County, North Carolina; married George Boose, before 1820, probably Stokes County, North Carolina
6. Johan George, born c1792; died before 1850, probably Owen County, Indiana; married Abigail Fulp, 10 July 1814, Stokes County, North Carolina. Abigail also died before 1850. Their younger children were sent to live with elder siblings in Indiana and Illinois.
7. Philippine, born 21 August 1794; died 13 May 1820, Stokes County, North Carolina; unmarried
8. Margaret, born c1798; died between 1850-1860, probably Stokes County, North Carolina; married John Boose, 9 July 1821, Stokes County, North Carolina
9. Charity, born c1800, Stokes County, North Carolina; died 17 March 1880 of dropsy & widowed, Taylor, Scott, Virginia [1880 mortality schedule states she died of old age and was divorced]; married Thomas Eads, 16 December 1822, Stokes County, North Carolina. Thomas in not in the home at the time of the 1850 census.
10. Susanna, born 13 June 1806, Stokes County, North  Carolina; died 2 March 1884, Forsyth County, North Carolina; married Lewis Werner, 3 February 1827, Stokes County, North Carolina. She is buried at the Tabernacle United Methodist Church cemetery in Forsyth County, North Carolina.

All of George’s and Catharina’s children, except for daughter Philippine who died aged 25, married and had children. There are many descendants of this couple today.



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