Ancestor Count 2023

I have to admit this post will be very short because absolutely no new numbers have been added to either my or my husband’s direct lines.

I also have to admit that my focus has been on cleaning up lines, which have added many collateral families.

Both of our trees are also at the point where brick walls are pretty much just that – with ancestors living in places where there are very few or no primary records at all.

Dave’s tree even decreased by 2 because I decided that a couple of ancestors way back were questionable and I removed them.

Here’s my table:

My count certainly isn’t too shabby, but from now on, I’ll need to rely on scholarly research in England to really take my end-of-line earliest families back any further.

There was an article published last year that did add a couple of names of people who lived in the early 1400s and were found in probate records, but I didn’t add another generation to this tree.

Dave’s table:

Zippo news here and his end-of-line families aren’t stuck crossing the pond to Europe, they are mostly stuck because they lived on the American colonial frontier where there are no records.

I’ll never say never, but without new clues to point the way, I am not expecting any big changes in either of our ancestral direct line numbers.

Since I am busy working on cleaning up and adding to RootsMagic 7, which is my major goal for this year, I’ll note now that I currently have 10, 085 people in my database. With many collateral families now identified, let’s see how much that number grows in 2023 as I get the data entered in the software.

Did you make any great discoveries to extend your own lines last year?

3 thoughts on “Ancestor Count 2023”

  1. I have not made a new end-of-the-line discovery in years. I cannot go back as far as you either, but then I have no New England ancestors. My Irish only goes back to 2nd great grandparents.

  2. If you use RootsMagic, just use the Count Trees command. It will give the number of trees (alerting you if someone is not connected to your tree) and the number of names

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