Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: December Genea-Meme

December seems to be racing along as we are now almost mid-month. It’s time for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun with Randy Seaver.

It’s my own list of holiday genea-questions! I appreciate Randy hosting SNGF every week and try to help out with ideas so this was my big December activity.

A)  Genea-Blogger Linda Stufflebean created a “December Genea-Meme” – so this is our challenge for Saturday Night.  Thank you, Linda!!

Here are my answers:

  1. What is one genea-accomplishment this year of which you are proud? I’ve started to clean up my RootsMagic software and I’ve STUCK WITH IT!
  2. Is there a particular song that when you first hear it, tells you that the holidays are here? It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.
  3. Share a holiday memory which is special for you. It would have to be watching my pre-school son get up on Christmas morning to check out the fireplace where Santa came down. To his amazement, there were black footprints on paper towels on the hearth. (I had traced Dave’s shoes and used black chalk to fill in the prints.) He was both bewildered and excited.
  4. Has your family passed down any holiday stories? Just the story about how I got the big-girl bicycle I wanted for Christmas when I was 7, but also got a very unwanted gift that morning – chicken pox. I was stuck in the house the whole time off on Christmas vacation.
  5. Which past genea-gift have you really appreciated? The Lost World of Sub-Carpathian Rus, which is a compilation of early 20th century photos in Rusyn communities
  6. Does your family cook any holiday recipes that have been handed down? My grandmother Hazel Adams’ recipe for turkey stuffing. Everyone loves it!
  7. What is your favorite holiday song? Bing Crosby’s and David Bowie’s Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy – an unusual singing duo who did a fabulous job
  8. Is there a holiday song that you wish was forgotten forever? It’s the dreaded Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.
  9. What is one (realistic) item on your Genea-Santa list this year? I actually don’t have any Genea-Santa wish list items, at least not realistic ones.
  10. What is one item on your not-so-realistic wish list for Genea-Santa? The discovery of pre-1827 church registers for St. Dimitry’s Greek Catholic Church in Udol, Slovakia
  11. What holiday meal will be served? We’re a holiday turkey family – pretty much the same foods as on Thanksgiving.
  12. Will your family reminisce about past holidays when you get together? Yes, we often talk about Christmases when we still had out parents.
  13. Will you travel to spend the day with others? Yes, if you count a four minute walk to my brother-in-law’s house!
  14. Do you have old family holiday photos or home movies that will be viewed this year? I have a few holiday photos, but they’ll stay in the albums in the closet. There aren’t any home movies.
  15. Did you break through any brick walls in 2022? I’ve made several new discoveries on family connections, not really brick walls.
  16. Has your family shared any holiday recipes/activities or ??? which have become new yearly traditions? My mother-in-law’s pineapple lime fruit salad has become a favorite.
  17. Do you have a 2022 genea-goal which could have been accomplished, but over which you’ve procrastinated? My big goal has been the software clean and I might have finished it in 2022 if I began in January instead of late July! The same goal has been on my list for several previous years.
  18. Do you participate in any holiday activities with your neighbors? No, as my street isn’t one that is conducive to neighborhood activities.
  19. Think – if you had to choose right this minute – which ancestor would you most like to meet? I’m obsessed with learning more about Loyalists Robert and Catherine Carlisle and their origins.
  20. What is one of your 2023 genealogy goals? To finish cleaning up and adding to my RootsMagic software. I’ve been at it for half a year already and will need a good portion of next year. That’s not because it’s such a mess, it’s because I’ve compiled some lengthy family descendant documents, like my mom’s Adams collaterals, that is already 200 pages long (up from 49 pages, which I compiled back in the 90s.)

Thanks, Randy, for this week’s challenge.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: December Genea-Meme”

  1. I love your ancestor Christmas tree image! Good job on working on your RootsMagic file. Someday, I’ll do that, too. I have so many sources in the notes sections, left over from PAF days.

  2. Funny thing Linda. I wrote and published my answers before reading yours. I see that we like the same Christmas song, although you added the version with Bing and David Bowie. And we both dislike the same song. 🙂

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