Legacy Family Tree Webinar 2023 Schedule Announced!

An inexpensive way to further your genealogy education is by attending the quality webinar presentations by Legacy Family Tree Webinars and the 2023 schedule has just been announced.

Registration is now open and there are 177 (yes, 177) classes on the 2023 calendar covering a huge variety of topics.

If you haven’t ever attended one of their webinars, FYI – you can register for most classes (some are membership-only access) and attend the live webinar.

However, if you aren’t a member, you can’t access the handouts or return after more than a few days to again view the class.

A one-year membership costs only $49.95, which gives immediate access to the entire webinar library (thousands of recorded classes)  plus access to all the handouts, too.

If you are a fan of Elizabeth Shown Mills, she is presenting a special series “Best of Elizabeth Shown Mills,” which is ONLY offered to  members. Her series alone is worth the $49.95 subscription!

There is a 12-page brochure that can be downloaded that describes all the classes.

Check out the new schedule – there is something for everybody!



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